Hi again: Raura

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Ross started auditioning again for movie rolls. Laura motivated Ross to audition even if he can't read.

Laura walked into the Lynch house and saw Rydel. "Rydel, where's Ross?" Laura asked. "Oh, he's auditioning," he said. Riker came down the stairs and locked eyes with Laura.

"Ross? Auditioning!" Riker laughs.
"Shut up! He's your brother!" Laura yelled at Riker.

Riker scoffs. "I'm lucky I don't have dyslexia."

"What the hell is wrong with you? Your acting like a jerk!!" Laura screamed. "You act like you hate him!"

Riker got red.

"I do hate him! He always gets the girl, he sings better, he looks better! He's the lead of the band ! I deserve to make him feel horrible about his disorder!"

"No you don't!"

"Shut up Laura!"

*laura slaps riker*

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