Chapter 12 Remembering and Adding on

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Chapter 12 Remembering and Adding On


    I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I reached over and shook Marcus awake. He insisted on staying at my house for the entire week. As Marcus stretched I walked into my closet to find something to wear. Today was Aiden's memorial service, so I had to wear all black. I slipped on a black tight dress and looked at myself in the mirror. Although this dress was slimming, I couldn't wear it. It showed my now growing stomach way too much. I changed into a short sleeve simple black dress that didn't show anything. I will have to tell Marcus sooner or later.... I choose later.....

*******At the Pack House*******

    I walked into the extremely crowded pack house along with Marcus and my mom. It looks like the whole pack showed up. We take pack members' deaths very seriously.

    We all prayed around Aiden's empty casket. If Aubrey was still here she would've went crazy. I spotted Melony across the room and ran towards her. Forgetting my leg was still injured I tripped and onto one of the couches. I quickly got up and brushed myself off and continued walking, slowly, towards Melony.

    "Omg! I haven't talked to you in forever! How are you!?" She asked me looking me up and down.

    "We have to talk, NOW!" I grabbed her arm and led her up the stairs and into and empty guest room.

    "Addi, what's the matter?" She asked sincerely.

    "I'm....Pregnant..." If it wasn't for her werewolf hearing she probably wouldn't have heard me.

    "What the fuck!? How could you not have told me Addison!? I can't believe you have Marcus junior in your stomach!" She seemed angry yet excited.

    "Who ever said it was Marcus's baby?" I mumbled.

    "It's not Marcus's baby!? What the hell! Who's baby is it then!?" She looked like a crazy person.

    "It's....It's.... Aiden's baby......" I managed to say.

    "How the fuck is it Aiden's baby!? He's dead!" She whisper yelled.

    "Yeah I know, but the day before we were taken...Aiden came over....and....stuff happened..." I whispered back.

    "Well you do know that you are a werewolf right? You will be giving birth to a pup or even pups in a few weeks. And you won't be able to hide it any longer because they grow extremely fast!" I had completely forgotten about the way werewolf pregnancy happens. It is an extremely painful birth and only 4 out of every 10 werewolf females survive it, especially if there are more than one pup in the womb. Ugh!!!! This is crazy!

    "Well at least now I can audition for 16 and pregnant.... haha...." I tried so desperately to turn this from a scary and awkward situation into a funny one.

    "Yeah.....Sure...Well now that I know that your pregnant when does Joe the pack doctor find out?" She asked.

    "Ummm.... I don't know. Maybe  you can take me, secretly, to check up on the baby and fix my leg after school on Monday. I will just tell Marcus that we are going to the mall or something."

    "Sure yeah I'll take you on Monday."

    "Addison!!" Marcus yelled up the stairs.

    "Coming!! Well I gotta go bye Mel." I said giving her a quick hug and walking down the stairs to see Marcus waiting.

    "So what did you and Melony talk about?" Marcus asked as we pulled out of the driveway.

    "Oh nothing. We haven't talked in a while, so we were just catching up." I said as coolly as possible, hoping he wouldn't catch onto my lie.

    "Oh okay." Was his only reply.

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