We arrived at the school at about 7:10. We were late but, what does it matter, I feel like the begging of a football game and the middle of the football game are pointless, only the end, when you find out who wins, but I knew the boys would like it. We bye tickets and sit down. It was 3 to 0 right now and the apposing school just got a touch down from the 30 yard line…I know a lot about football even though I don’t like it.

            We sit down so it’s Harry, me, Arianna, then Niall. Arianna is squirming in her seat still excited and I hit her. She glares at me and looks over at the game. We all cheer when our team makes another touch down, but I’m not really interested. I hear Harry start laughing when Vincent gets tackled and has to be carried off the field. I turn towards him smirking and he blushes a bit. I laugh I put my hand on his shoulder. “It’s fine”, I say laughing.

            After the game we get in the car and I give Harry the address to 6 flags. When arriving I smile, looking at Niall and Harry’s astonished faces. “Come on”, I say getting out. As we walk I feel Harry grab my hand. I turn towards him and smile and he gives me a nervous smile. I swear he’s more nervous then I am.

            We give our tickets to the guy at the front and he stamps our hands and we go in. “So what first”, I ask. “Goliath”, Arianna says grabbing Niall’s hand and mine and dragging us to the line. “So, what brings you to California?” I ask. Niall leans back on the railing. “Um…child service took us away from our old foster parents”, Niall says glancing over at Harry who was tightly grabbing my hand now, his eyes shut. “Oh…” I say knowing I said the wrong thing. “Yeah, so what about you guys, are you from here”, Niall says trying to change the subject.

            “I am, Arianna was born in New York”, I say and Arianna nods. “What brings you to Cali”, Harry says regaining his coolness. “My mom was on a business trip, so I was tecnially supposed to be born in Cali”, she says. “Oh cool”, Niall says. “Yeah, so do you guys have brother and sisters”, Arianna says. “Yeah, but that’s a long story…” Harry says. “But we do have foster sisters”, Niall says. “Yeah, Harper and Kelly”, Harry says. “How old”, I ask. “Harpers 16 and Kelly’s 14”, he says. “Cool”, I say and I look forward and see were next in line.

            Arianna looks up at the ride and I see her look nervous. “I’m not so sure about this anymore”, she says holding her stomach. “Oh don’t be chicken”, I say and the guy tell us to car. It’s the front car and as much as Arianna protest we get her in. Her and Niall sit in the back part and me and Harry get the front. The carts move forward and I grab Harry’s hand as we start going up.

            I turn back to see Arianna digging her face into Niall. “ARIANNA!” I scream. “What”, she says looking up and at that time we fall. We all scream and I laugh at Harry’s yell. I grab on to him as we fall the rest of the way and go into the tunnel. At the end of the ride were all laughing. “Well there goes my stomach”, I say and everyone chuckles getting off. Were all laughing when we get out. “Okay so what’s next?” I ask.

            After we ride almost all the big rides we get going to Nando’s. “I don’t think we should eat”, Arianna says. “Why, it’s Nando’s”, Niall says. I start laughing. “I know but my stomach got left on the viper”, she says and I start laughing again. “Well I’m still eating”, he says. “Why don’t we get take out”, Harry suggest. “Yeah and eat by the ocean”, Arianna says. “Cool”, I say and Harry parks.

            “Now be careful”, Harry warns as I grip the steering wheel. “Harry”, I say. “Ambrea”, he says evenly. “I’ll be careful I promise”, I say. “Okay”, he says relaxing a bit. “Now what’s this for”, I say pointing to the emergency break and I start laughing. “Ambrea”, he warns again. “I know”, I say taking off. Harry let me drive to the beach house and he’s all nervous. “Break, break, BREAK!” he yells gripping the handle to the door and I start laughing. “Calm down Haz, I know”, I say stopping at the red light. Niall and Arianna are laughing there ass’s off in the back and I can’t help but giggle.

            When we get to the place Harry is about to rip all his hair out.  I laugh and take the keys out throwing them to him. “Thanks”, he says and we get out. We walk into the cold weather and I slip the sweater I had rapped around my waist and slip it on. Arianna opens the door and turns on the lights. We look around and I smile going to another switch on the wall. I flick it and the roof opens up to see the stars. “Woah”, Harry says and I smile. “So where do you guys want to eat”, I say. “Um…” Niall says. “Lets have a tour, shall we”, Arianna says and I start laughing and they nod.

            “Okay so we’ll start in the kitchen”, I say gesturing to the big room we come upon. “Then up stairs, there’s four rooms here, no one’s in particular, then the bathroom, the relax room, and then the balcony”, I say opening the door to the balcony. We look out at the pier leading to a shallow pool of water. We go back down stairs and I take them to the living room, and down a little hall to the glass door to the outside. “And here’s the outside area, just little area, and there’s a gate down to the beach”, Arianna says. “Cool”, Niall says. “So where do you guys want to eat”, I say. “Um…You guys just want to eat out here”, Harry says. “Sure”, we all say and Arianna runs inside to grab the box’s of food.

            After eating we just sit there watching the waves for a bit. “Hey do you want to go for a walk”, Harry asks me. “Um, sure”, I say standing up. He grabs my hand and I open the white gate to let us down to the beach. He starts swinging our hands back and forth as we walk towards the moon. “Harry”, I say stopping aprutly. “Yeah”, he says looking at me. “What happened to your family”, I say. He tenses up a bit and gives me a sad look. “My parents died in a car accident, and when I was 10 my sister, Gemma, killed herself”, he says. “Harry I’m so sorry”, I say putting my arm on his shoulder. “It’s okay, I’m over it”, he says. “Oh…okay”, I say and I go to start walking again.

            As we walk Harry stops this time, but slowly. He looks at me and grabs my other hand. He leans in and our lips touch. He bends down a little so we could get more into it. We pull away and he smiles. He takes my hand and we walk back to the beach house.

            When we get there though, you’ll never guess to what we walked into.

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