Chapter 14

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                 Stephanies POV

When I get to the hospital I find Adams room and talk to him.

" I need you to finish her" I say.

" who" Adam asks.

" her mom who do you think" I snap.

" I uh" Adam stutters

" do it she's on life support you can do it just unplug the cord." I say.

" uhm ok" Adam says and gets up.

                    Adams POV

As I walk into Maddies moms room I fins the cord and reach for it, I stop.

" I can't do this it's Stephanie I don't kill people I don't know why I did this" I say to myself. "  I'm sorry" I say

                    Maddies POV

When Zayn brings me in my room I start to cry, next thing  I know I see nurses running, I get up and run with them.

" someone unplugged the life support" one nurse says.

My heart drops tears flud my eyes, I run outside to get air, right there a d then I decide to end it end the hurt. I stand on the road a truck is coming.

" MADDIE" Zayn picks me up and moves me, I kick and cry.

" no let me go I wanna die" I cry!

Adam is at the door. I walk up to him.

" I didn't do it" he backs away.

" who did it" I  swipe my face.

" ..."


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