Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

Harry's part

"What home. I dont have a fucking home anymore" she says and i can see her fighting back the tears.

I stand there frozen and not knowing what to say. She starts to walk away, but i grab her hand and turn her around.

"I'm your home, this is what i have been trying to ask you for awhile now, but i couldn't find the words to say" i pause and see the tears in her eyes slowly fade so i continue "i love you more than anything and i want to know.... Sabrina, will you please move back to London with me."

She quickly wraps her arms around my neck and hugs me tightly. "I love you so much Harry, of course i will.


Sabrina's part

I wake up the next morning with Harry laying next to me. I smile at him and run my hands down the side of his cheek. He opens his eyes and smiles at me. I leans in the give me a simple kiss on the lips but thats not enough for me right now. I hungrily cup my hands around his face and kiss him roughly. He notices my behavior and follows. He starts to hover over me and lets his hands slowly guide up and down my sides.

"Whats got into you this morning?" He says pulling away chuckling,

"What, a girl can't want her boyfriend to kiss her?" I question smiling.

"Well, i dont have a problem with it, but we really need to pack" he kisses my forehead and lays back down next to me.

I knew he was right but i dont really feel like it. So i just cuddle myself in Harry's chest and i feel the vibration on his chest as he just chuckles. "I dont want to get up" i groan.

"Harry, i need to talk to you" Liam says with a worried face as he walks through are door.

Harry gives me a confused look and i give him the same one back. "Okay mate, talk,"

"No, in private." He says and stares at me. "Please"

I sigh knowing that mean im going to have to get up and leave.

"Babe, you dont have too" Harry states but I'm already out of the bed and walking out the room.

Liam shuts the door behind me and i walk down the stairs into the kitchen. Niall's making pancakes in the kitchen and everyone else is watching tv in the living room besides Sara. Shes not down here.

" mornin' Sabrina" Niall smiles as i walk into the kitchen.

"Hey Niall" i smile back and walk to the fridge to get a water bottle.

"Where are y'all's mums?" I question as i glance around and dont see any of them.

"Oh they left earlier this morning," he says and he places the last pancake on a plate.


After we all ate breakfast that Niall made Liam and Harry came down the stairs. Sara joined is half way through but didn't eat because she said she didn't feel good.

"So thats the end of are get away?" Louis says and we all sigh. Harry comes up behind me and puts his hand on my shoulders.

"So where are you girls going now?" Zayn ask

"Me and Niall are goin to stay in the us for a few more weeks then we are going to look for a house in Ireland" Alana says smiling at Niall.

"Me and Liam are going to look for a house with Harry and Sabrina in London" Sara says and i smile acting like i know what shes talking about, i mean i wouldn't mind living with them but a warning would have been nice.

"Well let's go pack." Harry says and we all agree and head upstairs. When we get in the room i shut the door so we can talk in private

"So were living with them?" I ask and Harry sighs .

"I dont know, he had asked me but i never gave him a defiant answer" he says as he throws his suit case on the bed and begins shoving clothes in it. I quickly walk over to him and pull all the clothes out and begin to fold them.

"So is that why he wanted to talk in private?" I question. He just ignored me and walks into the bathroom to grab his dirty clothes in there.

"Harry?" I question again still folding his clothes.

"Its nothing dont worry about it." He snaps and it catches me off guard.

"I though we agrees to not keep secret in this relationship." I question and he stops.

"Its not my secret too tell" he says and continues to pack

"Whatever Harry" i say pissed.

"Dont get pissed at me."

"I can if i want too" i say sitting on his suit case. "Zip this please"

"You cant get pissed at me" he says zipping the suit case for me.

"Yes i can, why wont you tell me" i say look him in the eyes with desperate need to know, i hate secrets more than anything especially when i dont know them.

"Fine you really i wanna know?" He sighs giving up, because we both knew who was going to win this battle, "but you have to stay quiet, you cant say anything to anyone including sara.

"Yes, I'll be quiet i swear!!!" I say smiling.

"Okayy." He looks at the ground then back up at me.

"Liam thinks Sara's pregnant." He says with 100% seriousness in his voice,

He what?


Short i know, im sorrryyy😘💘

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