Here we go. God I really hate doing this, but Maggie insists and I can't help but obey her.

Nothing ever happens on these outings, well nothing of importance. We find a place, get what we need, kill some Izzies, and get out.

If your wondering what 'Izzies' means, Jack made it up and he said it started as Izpy. Infected/Zombie person, but he changed it to Izzy. I like to think 'Izzies' stands for INFECTED/ZOMBIE ZOID I EFFICIENTLY SLAUGHTER. It always make me laugh. Like right now.

"What's funny?" Maggie asks, glancing at me curiously. 

Think of something Nigel.

"Nothing, just, nothing. I mean its kind of comical that I'm here, me the wimpiest kid at school."

"Your not wimpy, just paranoid," she says trying to make me feel better. She has a twisted sense of what's comforting.

I see some Izzies through the window trying to chase us as we pass, but their heads blow up like  balloons. I can hear Jack and Darren whooping at their kills. 

Izzies. They weren't always like this, they were normal, our what ever their definition of normal was. 

The infection wasn't quick like that stupid World War Z movie, I mean twelve seconds? Really? Come on? This infection was slow, excruciatingly slow. The incubation period was months, people would feel fine for the first two month and they would infect others with their contact, and nobody suspected anything. Then people started getting sicker and sicker, until they started to die and when they died, they came back. It was so hard to know who had been infected because you weren't sure if they hadn't been infected yet, in the beginning of the incubation period, or if their immune system was strong enough to fight it off. That's whats special about me and Darren and Jack, our immune systems have the right genes to fight it off. Maggie on the other hand, Maggie was different.

Did I mention I was in medical school before this whole thing and that we built a lab in the safe house just for me?

Her cells freaked me out the most. The was no wearing down of the cells, no accumulation of damage, they were flawless. There wasn't just no wear on them, they seemed to regenerate at an amazingly rapid rate. It kinda scared me, so much so that I lied to her and said that she was perfectly normal. She's so fascinating. 

"So," I say trying to start a conversation. I really should stop doing that, it never ends well.

"So..." she says and looks at me with question mark eyebrows.

"I noticed you, you, you sharpen you sword differently lately."

God I'm an idiot.

"Yeah... Nigel what's going on?"

"Nothing, God, nothing, why would anything be wrong?" I give a nervous laugh. "Does something have to be wrong for me to ask my buddy Maggie if she sharpens her sword differently?"

Why, God, Why?

"Are you nervous? It's just a hunt, you always do fine in those, your really quick."

"It's not that." Just tell her Nigel, be a man. "Maggie-"

There's a tap on the back window. Jack's face is peering in.

"Up there," he says and points to a shopping mall. There are usually a lot of Izzies in those.

"Yay," Maggie says giggling and hopping in her seat.

She really puts on the gas for the last little part. and swings the car around when we get to an entrance.

Maggie turns off the gas and gets out in such a rush. I get out after her and Darren and Jack jump down from the back.

We go up to the door, its locked. Jack looks at Darren, who without a word hands him the bat off his back. Jack takes the bat and with one swing shatters the door into a million shards. He hands the bat back to Darren and heads in first. 

We walk in and start looking in shops. Maggie finds a Danier leather store and slips on some new gloves. We keep walking looking for a place that might have her precious Cheerios. Then we pass it. Future Shop. I make the sound they make when they show the holy grail or some angelic thing in the movies. I walk straight for, forgetting the yelling at my back. I don't care, if I can't have Maggie, then I just have to fill the void with toys.

I enter, looking around at all the beautiful things. It's funny, the biggest wave happened on a Sunday, so most stuff is still in stores.

I go for the camera's, I love photography. I wanted to be a painter, but I was quite awful, so I take pictures. Maggie's my favourite subject. 

I pick up a Nikon, its manual zoom with an eyepiece, lovely.

"Nigel," Jack says in an authoritative voice while walking up to me in his signature Accra walk. "We gotta keep moving, come on."

"But look at it all," I say pleading to have just a little bit more time. "How can you expect me to leave?"

"He doesn't, I do," Maggie says coming up behind him, while Darren guards the door. She looks at me with calm ocean eyes, eyes one like me can't refused.

"Fine," I say in defeat.

 We leave the heaven I just discovered when we hear it. The signature Izzie screech. They come around the corner in the drunk tumble of all Izzies. I reach for my guns and brace for the storm.

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