This story came to me a few years ago back when I started writing and I am just now starting to write it. It is a story that I am basing around my favorite short film by Michael Jackson called Bad bit it also have a little bit of the short film You Rock My World in it also. It is a mash up of many celebrities: Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Prince, Ciara, Jojo, Kelly Rowland, etc. (If you want me to add anyone else, let me know. I mostly need guys.)

Heartbreak hotel is a club that Michael and Aaliyah falls in love at. There are also many dramatic events that happen within this whole story. I don't want to go into any detail because once I start I won't be able to stop.

Also, please know that I had to tweak some of their personalities a bit for the sake of the plot and the the story. It is only for entertainment.

This will be rated R because of the way that I will be writing this story. It will be written in deep details.

An intro will be up soon. I will work on some tonight.

I won't be updating anything any Until next week probably. I have Midterms this week and my Birthday is tomorrow! I will be celebrating Saturday.


Peace and Love,



Michael Jackson/ Aaliyah

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