A 1D-full Christmas!

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One night I was driving home from work, it was five days before CHRISTMAS and I saw the strangest thing. I saw 5 men on the street and I thought " WHAT IF THATS ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!! " I started freeking out and then I though "They're probibly all the way across the world." But I pulled over to see if they needed help, but before I could say anything I saw... I saw ONE DIRECTION! I didnt want to freek out in front of them, so I asked them if they needed anything. They said they needed a place too stay for a day or two. So they stayed at my house for the night.

The next day, when I woke they were making breakfast already. I was thinking "Why would they just take things out of some strangers fridge?" I asked them why and Zayn said " We've known you for one night you are not a stranger anymore." I smiled and said "I guess your right." He smiled back and looked around at the other boys. "So... I didnt get your name." Niall says. "Oh, Im Christine." I say with embaresment. " And I know who you all are."


The next day, ( THREE DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS ) Christine came to me and asked if I could go in the basement with her because she heared a crash.( I was sleeping when she came to ask. ) So I went with her to see what it was. We found the boys in a box of Christmas decorations. They dropped one and broke some things in it. " Look Christine, we're sorry about breaking the decorations." Harry said. She didnt mind because she said the they werent that good for use anyway. " Guys what were you doing anyway? " I asked. "We were going to surprise Christine for Christmas by decorating the basement." Louis said. " Oh you don't have to do that for me!" Christine said. "I could do that if I wanted to, and plus no one is going to come down here anyway." The boys looked a little disapointed, "Please Christine?!?" Louis said. "Oh alright, I guess you could decorate the basment." Christine said. That night they all decorated the basement.



"Yeah, I loved it" louis said

"Ill be right back" I said while going to the living room.

I stood there looking at a picture of my parents on the shelf above the fireplace.

They died when I was 12. They got murdered by my uncle, he went to the electric chair.

I stood there crying.

All of the sudden I feel gentle hands grasp my waist.

I was surprised, I turned around and there stood Zayn.

He said "Are you ok?"

I ran upstairs crying.

.....To Be Continued :)

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