~Angelica's P.O.V~


"BREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" I scream quite loudly. Niall just texted me, telling us to pack for enough clothes for a week. He didnt tell me where we were going but he did say that we were gonna have the time of our lives.

"ANGGGGGGGGG!!!!" She mimicked me and i scowl.

"Get your butt in here, Niall says we need to pack enough clothes for a week!" I cut her off when she was about to say something, "and no he did not tell me where we were going." Bree shut her mouth.


"IN AN HOUR SO GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER LOOOSER" i laugh and she shuffles out of my room into her own and starts packing.

I figure i should do the same so i lug my medium sized floral printed suitcase out of my closet and start throwing random clothes in there. I pack my macbook, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, toiletry needs, my hair curler and straightener, and also decide to bring my backpack, filling it with books, my ipad, phone, snacks, my headphones, and my wallet.

"DONE!!" I shout. I check the clock on the wall and i manage to pack everything in under 30 minutes which is a big deal to me. Dont judge.

About 15 minutes later, Bree plops on my bed.

"TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH" i scowl and she wheels in her GINORMOUS suitcase into my room.

"WOAHH BREE, we're only going for 7 days...not 7 years!" I raise my eyebrows at her.

"HEY YOU CANT GO WRONG WITH MORE CLOTHES" Bree sets her suitcase by the door and plops back downon my bed.

My phone dings and i slide the message open, expecting it to be Niall...but it wasnt. It was the last person i expected it to be.

"oh my god......" I whisper.

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