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Beep Beep Beep

I opened my eyes slowly and I looked at my clock and I hit snooze I wasn't in the mood to get up so I just went right back to sleep.

Beep Beep Beep (10 minutes later) 

I looked at the clock and I got up and headed towards the bathroom. I looed at myself in the mirror and I noticed the hand prints that were ingraved in my neck, I couldnt help the few stray tears that felt upon my cheeks. I slowly walked into my shower and I turned my water on I let the hot water dance on my skin as lather myself up with my dove soap. I satyed in the shower for what seemed like forever before I got out. I wrapped my towel around me and headed to my room. I grabbed my coca butter and rubbed it on my skin until my whole body was covered with it. I wasnt in the mood to get dressed up so I just decided to put on my obey t-shirt, my cargo pants, and my diamond turfs. I wore my haiir down and curly I just applied conditioner. I put on some chapstick, I grabbed my backpack and I headed for the door. I got inside my car and I drove to McDonalds.  I got an egg mcMuffin along woth a perpermint hot chocolate and made my way sto school. 

When I arrived I noticed there was no one outside, so I just walk inside and headed toward, my class. When I opened the door it seemed as if everyone's eyes was on me. I just rolled my eyes and sat in the back.

"Its great for you to join us Ms.Smith",Mr. Taylor said. I just nodded my head,"and I will be expecting you to stay afterclass".

"Mhmm", I said and with that I took out McDonalds and started eating while starting on my assignment.

Brinng Brinnng 

THe bell rung and I was about to get up when I remember that I had to stay afterclass.

"so can you explain you were late this morning Mrs.Smith"

"I wasn't in the mood to get up".. "well thats not good of enough of a reason on why you were not ontime to my class."

"Well, sir I don't know what else to say to you five inutes are over so ill see you tomorrow Mr.Taylor." I could feel him burning holes in my back as I walked out of the classroomI just wasn't really in the mood to talk to anyone. When I was walking down the hall Sherron spotted me.

"Hey boo, where were you this morning", she said.

"At home, I over slept", I said. "Oh okay, well did you hear what happened to Tyson he's in the hospital, I heard that he got his ass beat by Will's fine ass." I tensed up when she mention Tysons name. She must have notice she asked me what wrong. I told her everyhing that happend and I just broke down.

"It's okay boo, he got what he deserves",she said. I just shook my head up and down and she walked me to my other class. It seemed like forever before the class was over and finally class was over I made my way to the lunch room. I was in line waiting to get my food. I grabbed my tray and I walked over to Tyler and Sherron. The both saw me and smiled.

When I went to sit down some girl walked up to me," umm excuse me but is your name Jennee",she said. When I heard speak I immediatley knew that she was the girl that Tyson cheated on me with. All I saw was red.

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