Chapter 3: Falling For You....Literally

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Mack's POV:

I honestly don't know what to think anymore after being dragged here. I don't know what to do. How are we supposed to get out of here? I don't want to move but I have to. Maybe Brady was right, I stress out way too much. I need to have fun, or at least try to.

This place is full of the surfers I've seen earlier. They really look like they're enjoying themselves. Well that's the 60's I guess. I look at Brady and he's looking around with a big goofy grin on his face. I guess he's amazed. I would be too but we're in a huge crisis here.

"Woah!" Brady says in amusement.

"Yea" I say in a sarcastic tone and look away from him. My calmness all went away when I see a bunch of the surfers come up to us. I mean they look friendly but I don't know about this. We just have to play it cool.

"This is awesome!" Brady shouts.

They all look at him questionably. "I mean this is blastin!"

They still tilt their head.

"What now genius?" I smirk and nudge his shoulder. I guess he isn't so clever now isn't he?

"So where did you cats come from?" SeaCat asked. Uh oh.

"Far um" Brady stuttered.

"Far away from here. We're from another place, around here up North..." I say. They all nod.

"Well nice to meet you." Rascal says.

"Nice to meet you all to." I say.

Suddenly, "Vroom, Vroom" a loud noise of a motorcycle vehicle burst through the front door. I jumped as it caught me off guard. Holy Shit. He then grabs me out of the way to a place that actually had a nice view of what was happening. The guy on the motorcycle got off and moved the bikers out of the way. All I could here is non-stop bickering. What was going on?

"Those are the bikers....a.k.a the Rodents." Brady explains.

"What are they doing here?" I ask

"They're fighting for Big Momma's."

"Wait a second? Hold on. You brought me to a Surf and Bike Turf War?" I ask angrily. Is he serious?

"Yo sis, you know what to do." The guy on the motorcycle points to the jukebox and this girl that was so, pretty. Her outfit wasn't too revealing and pretty hot. I watch as she rotates her hips as it hits the music player then music starts playing. "What's happening?" I ask.

"You'll see" Brady smirked.

The guy on the motorcycle starts singing.

You better run, run, run

'Cause here we come

Revving our engines under the sun

You're cruisin' for a bruisin'


Keeping me cool!

Smooth and steady!

Slicked back hair

Man, things are getting heavy!

You're cruisin' for bruisin'

Two wheels and an open road

Wrapped in leather

Ready to go!

Don't stop, stop the music!

We ride fast like a bullet

We do anything we want, anytime we want

Oh yeah, oh yeah!

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