Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

"WHAT" I screamed at whoever was waking me up. I opened my eyes and realized it was my little sister, Nicole. Nicole was in 2nd grade so she was annoying.

"Wake up its the first day of school!" Nicole said jumping up and down.
"Shut up Nicole! Let me sleep" I trailed off. Right before she left she stood at the door and said "Fine. But Mom is making lemon pancakes"

"Yay" I said sarcastically and a little bit happy because lemon pancakes are my favorite. I finally got out of bed and me being the clumsy person I am I fell flat on my face. "Ow" I looked at what made me fall and it was my cat, Kitty. Yes, I have a cat named kitty.

I am original at choosing names for furry creatures. I heard a meow and I smiled.

"Elizabeth Marie Hart! Get down here right now or there will be no lemon pancakes!" The words no lemon pancakes made me jump and run down stairs almost falling a couple times, thats my clumsiness for ya.

"Here ya go" I smiled as my mom passed me 3 lemon pancakes. Yum! Right when I was about to eat the first bite someone knocked on the door and I already knew who it was, Kyle my mom opened the door for him greeting him and Nicole started running his way.

"Kyyyleeee!!!!!" Nicole said running at him with open arms.

"Nicole!" Kyle said hugging her.

"So you love me now?" Kyle said smirking at her.

"No I still hate you" Nicole said smiling at Kyle.

"Fine you win. I give up your are totally better than me" Kyle said letting her go and walking up to me. Kyle and Nicole had this, game I guess you could call it that Nicole is better than him and he just doesn't want to admit it. It actually is kinda cute.

"So you're going with a fresh new look" Kyle said smiling like an idiot

"What?" I said and I had the most confused expression on my face.

"Your penguins are cute" he said pointing at the pajamas and I finally got it.

"OOOHHHH" I said going red in embarrassment. "Let me finish my pancakes and we'll leave then" I said rushing over to the table and quickly ate my pancakes. I went running up stairs once again almost falling, and got dressed. I had my clothes already picked out so I didn't take that long. I had a cream sweater with black stripes some blue jeans and some brown combat boots. For my hair I just did a messy bun with a little black bow.

Once I finished I ran down stairs but this time I was about to fall but someone catched me. It was Kyle.

"I was going to see if you were ready and I think you are" He said standing me up and walking me out the door. I said goodbye to my mother and to my sister and I left with Kyle. After a few minutes Kyle spoke up.
"So are you exited for a new school year?" Kyle said keeping his eyes on the road.

"Well of course I am! I mean im not over the top exited but im not that bummed either" I said smiling

"Yeah I mean its exiting but I guess you could say its getting boring"

"Could say it was boring or it is getting boring" I said laughing emphasizing on the boring.

"Yeah and some people I'm just tired of seeing their face" He said laughing

" Yes" I said chuckling and letting the music on the radio enter my ears.

As Kyle kept driving, I noticed that he's taking another way to school. "Umm Kyle?"

"Yes, Elie?"

"Where are we going?" I was very confused.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. We are also going to pick up Ashely McKinley everyday" Ashely?! I hate that girl with all my guts. She is your normal queen bee, captain of the cheerleaders, always thinking she is the best of them all. A rich, daddy's girl who always gets what she wants, when she wants. People like that make me sick.

"Ashely McKinley?" I sighed.

"I know you guys are not in the best terms, but please get along with her. For me?" He quickly looked at me, doing the puppy face. Call me a sucker, but I always cave in when it comes to the pouty/puppy face.

When he parked in front of her house, she just came out. She was wearing a really tight, really bright pink tank, making her boobs pop out, plus a short white skirt and some pink flats. Her bleached, blonde hair has tied in a high ponytail with a pink ribbon. Did I tell you she likes pink? If it wasn't for the white skirt, I would've mistaken her for a peptobismol bottle.

"Hi, Kyle!" she said a little too happy. Ashely was looking at him like a perfectly cooked piece of meat, basically drooling. Yeah, she likes him.

"Hi. Elizabeth" she said pulling off her best fake, cheerleader smile. It was an act in front of Kyle, but when he's not around, she is a vicious, back-stabbing b-word. Personally, I don't like swearing.

"Hello McKinley" I said through gritted teeth.

"Oh silly Elizabeth, you can call me by my first name you know" she giggled and got inside

After me mentally killing myself because Ashely kept talking about how "wonderful" her summer was in Milan, we finally got to school.

This was going to be a looooong day...


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