Chapter One

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Chapter One

The New Guardians

PoV: Jack Frost

It had been ten years. Ten years since I saw the girl with the golden hair. Ten years since I saw Pitch. Ten years since I had been near the tower.

Now I sat quietly on a windowsill, staring outside at the cold, snow bitten area. Loud noises came from behind me as North's yetis worked on toys.

I touched the window, creating a light frost on the glass. My finger moved on the frost lightly, creating what seemed like dots filling an empty space. The lights. I couldn't get the lights out if my head. I looked up and out the window into the snowy sky. The lights filled my vision, making the winter sky glow. My eyes widened and I blinked. They were gone.

I sighed and continued to stare outside. I heard a loud voice from behind me. It was muffled over the noise and I couldn't make out what it said, so I ignored it. Loud footsteps came up behind me. For a minute it seemed quiet around me, as I large hand was placed gently on my shoulder. "Jack?" North asked. "Man in Moon has something to say.

I looked at him, saying nothing then followed him to a large room. Three more people stood around a large blue crystal whispering quietly. "Who do you think it will be?" asked a fairy that resembled a humming-bird. "Wait and see Tooth." A large rabbit spoke up "I'm tired a waitin' mate. If the Man in the Moon has sometin' to say he better say it."

Suddenly the crystal started to glow. I looked at the ceiling quietly, staring at a large hole were the moon was fully visible and shining into the room. The crystal broke into three pieces and everyone gasped as three figures appeared in each crystal.

The first was a girl with bright, frizzy, red hair. She wore a green dress with a bow and quiver slung over her shoulder. "Merida," North stated to himself. The next was a scrawny boy. His brown hair was ruffling around as he rid on a large black beast. "Hiccup," said North. The third was another girl. She was so familiar I gasped and backed away slowly. She wore a light purple dress and had beautiful, long, golden hair. "She's.....dead." I said out loud. The thing that scared me the most was her eyes. They were exactly as I remember. Large, green, and full of wonder.

"Who's dead Jack?" Tooth asked. I looked at the other guardians, now realizing they were all staring at me. "The, the girl I saw," I paused for a minute. " And Rapunzel" North said quietly. I nodded slowly. "The girl I saw with Pitch."


PoV: Merida

I sat alone in the dark. Large stone pillars sat around me in a circle formation. I leaned against one as I sat in the grass, my knees tucked into my chest.

A thought struck me suddenly. Where am I? Why am I here? I thought about both questions for a few minutes. I couldn't remember anything. I had woken up in the middle of the clearing, laying on the ground, staring at the dark sky. Then another question entered my mind. Who am I?

I sat there for a few more minutes, staring at the strange stone pillars. I stared at the tallest pillar, scoping it quietly. I started from the bottom, soon reaching my way to the top. My eyes widened slowly as I stared at the large, glowing circle. The moon. It was beautiful. "I'm Merida." I said loudly. Were did that come from? It didn't feel like I said that!

I continued to stare at the moon. Did, did the moon tell me that? Nonsense! I'm going crazy!

"Where am I?" I shouted to no one, standing up and running to the middle if the clearing. I wanted to know more. I heard a chuckle behind me. "Your in BunBrock mate." a man with an accent said. I whipped around to see him standing in the shadows, leaning against one of the stones.

"Who are ye'? What do ye' want?" I asked him. He just laughed again "Get her boys." Suddenly two large, hairy creatures jumped out and threw a sack over my head. "Hey!" I shouted "Let me go!" I struggled desperately as they tied the bag and carried me away.

It quickly became much colder, making me shiver. Suddenly someone dropped my sack, making me thump loudly against the ground. I stopped moving after I heard a boys voice.

"Really, North? Did you have to use the sack?" "Sack is funnest way to bring someone here." an older man said. That's it! I wasn't staying in that bag any longer. I grabbed one of my arrows from my quiver and slashed a large hole in the bag. I readied my bow and arrow and poked through the hole I made quickly.

I pointed my arrow straight at a boy, around my age, who must have been standing in front of the bag. "Well, hi there!" he said with a big, cheesy smile. We sat there in silence as four others stared at us. The boy slowly lifted up his hand and pushed the arrow away from his face. "Your," he laughed nervously "making me feel nervous with that thing." I grunted and slung my bow back over my shoulder.

"Feisty isn't she, eh mates?" a large rabbit walking on two feet said with a grin. I bawled up my fists and stomped over to him. "What was that for? Stuffin' me in a sack an' bringin me to who knows where!" I shouted in his face. His big ears flattened down as he put his hands in front of him, to block me from him. "Easy girly, you ain't the only one." he motioned his head back toward the direction if the sack.

Two more bags, lumpy and full, sat beside my torn and flat sack. "Ye kidnapped others too! What is wrong with ye people!" I yelled at them.

"Nothing if we have good ambitions!" chuckled an older man with a long with beard. "Bunny! Untie the others!" he shouted. The rabbit walked over to the other sacks. Smirking at me as he past. I scoffed and crossed my arms. We all watched as "Bunny" untied the bags.

After he opened the first bag, a scrawny boy fell onto the floor. "Oof!" He looked up at all of us then stood up. He said nothing and looked around. Suddenly he blurted out "Were is Toothless?!" We all stared at him quietly. "Where is my dragon!" he yelled. Again, nothing.

Bunny untied the other bag, which was much bigger and heavier. Golden locks burst out of the sack, knocking everyone over. "What in the world?" I muttered loudly. A hand gestured towards me, offering help. I looked to see the boy standing above me. He was very scrawny, had scraggly hair, and freckles covered his nose. I took his hand and he helped me up.

"Oh my goodness!" a new voice shouted "I am so sorry!" I saw the girl that was attached to the golden hair looking around shocked. At least no one was hurt.

"Now that everyone is here," announced the old man "It is time I introduced everybody!" He looked at me and the two other kidnapped kids. "I am Santa Claus, call me North." The blonde girl's eyes widen at his name "Really? Your really the Santa Claus?" He just nodded in a cool manner. "This is Bunny." he pointed to the large rabbit who had kidnapped me. I sneered at him and he smirked. Next he pointed to a small, gold, man and a fairy like women. "This is Sandy and Tooth." North was about to say something else but instead looked around the room. His gaze finally rested somewhere and I followed it, looking at the boy I had saw earlier. He had snow, white hair and had a long, wooden staff. "That's Jack Frost." North finished frowning.

"Nice to meet everyone and all but where are we exactly?" Hiccup asked. I crossed my arms and grunted, agreeing with him. "North Pole." North said. "Why are we here?" Rapunzel questioned softly. "You were chosen by Man in Moon to be guardians and protect the children of the world!" He answered happily. I spoke up irritated. "And who said we were going to do this?!"

"You have nothing better to do, mate." Bunny said, leaning against a large pillar. "Your dead."

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