Stupid love

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Alex Gills is a geek, she hates popular people, hates having fun. Or doing anything tha has nothing to do with working, or doing school work. That is until she meets Sean; the most hottest and popular guy in school.

When she is sent to live with her best friend (jasmine) for the five weeks her mom will be gone out of town, she instantly thinks she has it good. She'll be around her best friend, having fun and reading books and things.

But Sean is Jasmine's step- brother, a secret she never knew. One night of talking, and chestmiry leads to a complicated romance.

Alex is threatened with the possible choice of getting caught up into Sean's world, and staying true to herself and her geek friends.

Sean does'nt know wether to tell alex his dark secrets, or keep them to himselves and not trying to be embrassed by liking Alex.

Can alex and Sean find true love despite their diffrent worlds.

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