Hey Young Blood

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(chapter name from The Pheonix by Fall Out Boy)

(Valarie's POV) -one week later-

I wake up to the smell of pancakes. Mmmm, Mmmm sweet pancakes. I shove the covers off of my body and follow the sent. I am taken back by the scene in the kitchen. My mom is reading the news paper and Braden is cooking breakfast? Odd. Braden still has messy bed hair and is only wearing a pair of shorts. I correct my slouchy appearence and sit accross from my mom. She looks up from her reading and smiles "Isn't he so sweet?" she whispers with a wink. I kick her gently under the table and Braden comes over with a plate piled with delicious food. Yum.

I see my moms eyes widen when she sees all the food he has made. "Honestly, you didn't have to make all this!" she says. Braden frowns a little and my mom adds "Well, thanks anyways!" I smile to myself, nice save mom. Braden sits next to me and puts a small amount of food on his plate. He looks down at the food and sighs. Almost hesitantly he starts eating.

Somethings wrong, I know it. But I keep it to myself, at least until after we finish eating.

(Braden's POV)

The sight of food just makes me so sick. Yes, i made some for Val and her mom, but I just can't eat it. I'm already too fat. I move the food around on my plate, hesitantly taking a few bites. After a few minutes I finish the small plate i had made.

"I-I'm going to go to the bathroom..." I say getting up. Valerie's mom nods and I walk to the bathroom.

I prop up the toilet seat and cram my fingers down my throat. I hadn't noticed the door open but next thing I knew a familiar, kind touch grabbed my wrist. I spin around to see Val, a sympathetic look on her face. Tears prick at my eyes "I-its not w-what it looks like..." I stutter. She opens her arms and I sink into her warmth. She runs her fingers in my hair.

"It's okay Braden..." She whispers into my hair. I relax a bit more, looking up into her eyes. There is a faint sparkle, but that is all blurred up from tears.

I didn't want to hurt anyone with my ways. I have tried recovery but it's all too much, but now I see that it hurts the people I care about more than it hurts me. I squirm out of her ar,ms, "Va;arie, I can't do this anymore. I told you I would stay a few days and it's been way longer. You've been a good friend, but I-I think it's time I leave." I turn to the door and she grabs my hand. 

"No, I have to leave... bye..." I whisper and she lets go. I walk back out to the kitchen, kissing 'mom' on the cheek and walking out the door I entered a few weeks before. I get in my car, starting up the engine. 

I drive down the street, wondering where I should go. I can't go back to my house so I settle on going to the same corner store I went to before. As I walk down the aisle I remember all the that family has done for me. I blink away a tear and grab 4 zero callorie monsters, a bag of sour gummie worms and a lighter. When I get to the cashier I also get a pack of ciggaretts. Just enough to get me through a week, then I will return I think to myself as I situate everything in the car. I ruffle my messy hair and pull out a ciggarett and light it. 


This is a filler chpter okay. 

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