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Nialls POV

me and bekah are getting along great! this is great. i think i may have found my princess! i think harry has too! Caity is perfect for Harry. im so happy for him he doesnt like the reputation of the ladies man. which hes not but people think he is but hes not. He is actually a grat guy and will treat Caity right. if he doesnt we will have to shun him...not really but im pretty sure if he breaks her heart bekah will ruin his chances of becoming a father... but thats not gonna happen so lets not worry about it.

"hey Niall we are here." bekah whispered. i wonder why shes whispering i look up in the front seat and see caity and harry kissing!

"guys get a room!!!!"i said whining and shielding my eyes.

"yeah i agree with niall we are going to the hotel room please wait!!!!!" bekah said smiling. i look up to caity and harry blushing and glaring at us i just laughed this was great. i wish me and bekah would move that fast.

Harrys POV

im pretty sure i have found my love... niall has too im almost positive about that. they are flirting it up in the backseat. once we got to the hotel i leaned over to kiss caity and after about 20 seconds Niall and Bekah start embarrassing us. im pretty sure Caity is gonna kill Bekah by the way she glared at her. im gonna do the same with Niall they will be happy in heaven together. just kidding. but really they ruined our first kiss... im gonna have to have a talk with niall.

"harry lets go upstairs and see the other boys. i wanna meet Lux and Lou!" caity said with a wide smile

"ok babe we can leave them alone." i said motioning to bekah and niall in the backseat.

"oh no not quite yet... i have to mess with bekah a little." she said smiling. i knew exactly what she was thinking.

"ewwwww my eyes my innocent eyes!! stop it ewwwwwwww!!!!!!!" i screamed.

"stop thats gross get a room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" caity screamed right after i screamed at them.

bekah and niall are both blushing furiously and glaring at us. me and caity on the other hand are just smirking.

A/N sorry its short!!!! i need to update my other story too so ill update tomorrow? maybe... i dont really know for sure.

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