Chapter 3

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There was four boys in the room. No not just any four boys but four handsomely looking boys. They seemed to have an eerie glow of light against dark between them.

Cyleste cooly walked in and sat on the bed.

"Cyleste get off my bed you ugly creep" said the boy next to the bed. "Oh hush, I was just coming by to finish the business we talked about earlier."

"Oh yea" he sighed. "I don't really want to do this but since you are paying me.." He trailed off. "we TALKED about THIS."

Her sudden temper made me my blood course through my body.

"Anyways.. This is kim kardasian and sh-"

"No it's Krissy Coleman"

"Yea whatever, but let me introduce Kevin Christoff" as she motioned her hand next to the guy that told her to get off her bed.

He simply nodded and said hey. But I just couldn't stop staring, I have never seen a guy that

has mesmerized me like this. His thick black hair gelled against his scalp all the way down to

his well-fit body. Back at home, at school guys like these would be called "Only in movies"

type guys. Well because you would only see them in movies.

"Ok?" Said Cyleste.

"Excuse me but what did you say?"

"While you were staring at Kevin here I was introducing you to the other guys"

"Oops I'm so sorry"

She sighed and followed her eyes and said "As I was saying, this is Coby Yellfet, Fedrick Dawson, and Kofi Bryan."

They all seemed nice. Coby had thick red hair that formed a halo of couple around his head.

He was really pale, I mean like Miley Cyrus pale. Even though I thought her song "We can't

stop" was super cute, my mum nearly barfed out of the car. Fedrick seemed like a shy and

quiet one. He had straight brown hair that needed a little cutting but none other less he see-

med friendly. Kofi looked like he was the joker of the four with his shockingly white hair.

Cyleste got up off the bed and brushed her skirt a little bit and flipped her hair. How does

she do it? I wonder.

"Now you met the guys, let's go grab something to eat"

We walked outside the dorm room and descended the marble stairways. As we walked I

looked around and saw the beautiful pictures of famous writers on the walls. Wow! The

ceiling are EXTREMELY HIGH! The stained glass was just breathtaking. There was lots

Of pictures of angels shooting heats with there arrows. We walked in silence to the mess hall

but, in the corner of my eye I saw a movement. Hmm I thought to myself, am I going crazy

or something? Oh whatever just keep walking. We entered the great double with traces of

markings all over the door. As we walked in and in the corner of my eye was Kevin, he whispered in my ear real fast "I'm sorry please forgive me."

Before I could even ask what did he mean by that he just dumped food all over me.


So remember







Chapter 4 coming soon.

☑️What happened after Kevin dumped that tray of food on her?

Love, Sarah

🍭Peace,Love, and Fried Chicken

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