Chapter one

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Chapter one.

From the outside of the McGuiness' house you'd see a massive brick, 3 story building with a neatly kept green garden but inside it isn't as it would seem. The house may be full of maids and house keepers, but it always felt lonely for Jay McGuiness. You see he was an only child, he didn't even have a pet that he could talk to; even if the pet couldn't talk back it'd still help pass his time.

What made it worse for Jay was that his parents were always away and when they were in the house with him they would be in their offices making phone calls an emailing important business people. Although Jay doesn't mind - he's learnt not to - he wishes that his parents spent time with him just like how parents in those films did with their kids.

Inside the house it was dark and dusty, even though there was 5 maids to clean the house, it was way too big for 5 maids to cover. The house looks like one out of a horror film as every now and then the lights would flicker on and off and you'd hear the odd creak in the floorboards and in the doors. There were many rooms in the McGuiness house that Jay had never even been in and rooms that he never knew what they were used for.

Jay's room is massive; it was located on the second floor, the third door on the left. Jay's favourite part of his room was the window seat where he would sit for endless hours just looking out at his garden. Jay's back garden wasn't a typical garden his was like 200 yards of greenery. As well as flowers his garden had bushes which led into a maze which also led to a horse stable where Jay would sometimes go when he felt lonely.

The maids had learnt not worry about Jay living in his bedroom and only coming out for food, toilet, school or to ride the horses. Jay just stayed inside, drawing his view of the garden, listening to music and singing along to his favourite songs, sometimes he even danced along.

"Jay! Dinner!" Jay's house keeper and also baby sitter when he was a child, Chloe, called Jay down for dinner. Chloe was used to calling Jay to come down for dinner and watching him eat three tiny bites before he disappeared upstairs again.

"Coming!" Jay's deep voice called from inside his room.

Chloe stopped knocking and walked down the stairs into the dinning room waiting patiently for Jay beside his seat.

Jay sat down and Chloe pushed his seat in as Jay formally thanked her.

The McGuiness' dinning room was a beautiful place, the table was made of mahogany as were the chairs above the table was two crystal white chandeliers lighting up the room. Also the cutlery was made from the finest and shiniest silver you could ever imagine, the plates were made of porcelain and the glasses from crystal glass. On the table was a lovely white table cloth running in the middle of it pretty patterns or purple and pink, there was also the napkins that were made of soft material so it didn't feel like sandpaper when you wiped your upper lip. The table was decorated with tall white candles and the cooks served the finest wine that cost around £70. Jay hated wine, yes he may of grown up with wine lovers but he absolutely hated the drink, which he has never told anyone.

Chloe observed the boy from afar, she was like a second mother to him except she spent much more time with him and noticed little things about him that his real mother never did.

Chloe was the first to notice about Jay's schizophrenia, which she promised Jay that she would not tell a soul to. Not even his parents were to find out. Jay was diagnosed with his disorder when he was only 7 and now he is 20 and in his second nearly third year of uni.

Chloe watched Jay take his third and last hesitant bite before he wiped his mouth on the white napkin, commenting on how he was 'full' before he excused himself from the table and walked back up the creaking stairs to his bedroom where he would stay until tomorrow morning.

Every time Jay would walk up the stairs he would feel like someone was watching him and observing his every move of course, he looks around but sees no one there which confuses the boy as he would feel it every day and not see anyone.


Every meal is the same routine.... Only three tiny little bites, thank you's, goes upstairs feels a presence looks around..... No one.

After Jay took his usual three bites he went back upstairs. Jay stopped at the top of the stairs and turned his head to look to see if anyone was watching him but once again, no one was there.

Jay sighed and walked to his wooden door and reached for the door knob. He then turns around and does a double take with his mouth slightly hanging open. He stared at the person in front of him that has been watching Jay for days on end. Jay cocked his head to the side and observed the persons features.

The guy had fluffy brown hair that was in a quiff, he was slightly short with tan skin and greenish eyes and a cute little button nose. Jay knew to boy was about his age maybe even a little younger than him.

The boy's features makes Jay's corner of his lips turn into a smile and nothing makes Jay smile. He's usually a very serious person who takes his hobbies seriously and just doesn't have time to be giggly and silly. The only people that have succeeded in making Jay smile are Chloe and his favourite horse Carmen.

The boys eyes lit up as if he's forgotten to do something and he ran into the hallway where all the empty rooms were and he disappeared into one of them. Before Jay could even ask of his name, the boy was gone.

The next day Chloe called Jay down for dinner, he felt eyes burning the back of his head as he walked down the corridor he had his first encounter with the dark haired boy. He turned around and found the beautiful boy stood there with a small smile on his face.

At dinner instead of Jay taking his three bites, Jay just played around with it, pushing it back and forth on his plate with the silver fork. He felt those eyes on him again, Jay looked up and met the bluey green eyes that he had grown very fond of, it was the boy. He was smiling at Jay watching him playing with his food.

That day Jay ate all of his food.... And from then onwards he continued eating all of his food.


Written by @nicely_mcguiness.

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