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Serena Lance was a bad girl back in America. After putting up with her for years, her parents decided to send her to boarding school after doing a horrible thing. Will Serena survive being away from all her friends and her dreamy boyfriend while she's at Greenhill Academy Boarding School?

Her new friends think she's little miss perfect, but Serena has a secret...

Selena Gomez as Serena Lance

Harry Styles

Niall Horan

Liam Payne

Louis Tomlinson

Zayn Malik

Demi Lovato as Evie Longfield

Vanessa Hudgens as Amelia Westerson

Ashley Benson as Millie Overwood

Ariana Grande as Ava Lockwood

Lucy Hale as Sophie North

Ashley Tisdale as Poppy Landel

Justin Bieber as Chase Summers

& More!

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