He has food poisoning (Liam)

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You were just now getting home from work excited to spend the night with Liam:)

You walked into the house being greeted by Liam all dressed up.....

"Whatcha dressed up for babe?" You asked suspicious

"Were going out, go get dressed" he informed you pushing you up the stairs

You quickly changed into a evening dress skipping on your favorite heels heading downstairs.

"You look beautiful" Liam whispered into your ear eyeing you up and down

"You clean up pretty well yourself" you smirked giving a little wink

"Let's get going" he smiled walking with you out the door.


You and Liam pulled into your favorite restraunt walking into the building.

"So what made you wanna go out?" You asked looking over the menu

"Just wanted to treat my girl to a great dinner:)" Liam smiled looking at you

You smiled back as the waiter asked if you were ready to order.

Both you and Liam ordered different things continuing your conversation as your meals were prepared.


The waiter brought your meals out setting them in front of you guys.

"Thank you" you thanked the waiter watching as she walked away before starting to eat

Liam took a bit of the medium rare made steak making a strange face.

"Everything okay?" You asked

"Um... Yeah the first bite just tasted... Strange" he answered back continuing to eat

You nodded starting into your beautiful salad.

As the night went on you couldn't help but notice Liam's strange looks and antsy figure as he ate.

Finally when Liam was starting to pale out was when you knew something had to be wrong.

"Are you okay babe?" You asked taking ahold of Liam's hand

"Um..y-yeah" he mumbled stumbling over his simple words

"Are you sure... You don't look too well" you pointed out

Liam brought a shaky hand to his mouth looking like he was going to be sick....

"Babe go to the bathroom" you quickly helped him up shoving him toward the bathroom pulling the waiter over.

After paying for the meal you sat down deciding to wait for Liam not knowing if he wanted to be bothered while sick.

After waiting for over 10 minutes you were beginning to get worried and walked toward the men's bathroom.


You knocked on the door whisper-yelling through the door," Liam, you okay in there?"

"I don't know.." You heard a faint whimper

"I'm coming in.." You said opening the door seeing Liam hunched over a toilet vomit all over the floors and toilet bowl

"Oh babe..." You whispered shocked at what you saw

"I didn't quite make it.." He whimpered dry heaving painfully into the toilet

You quickly made your way over to Liam running soft fingers on his drenched in sweat back.

"You okay to leave?' You asked not wanting him to be sick in the middle of the restraunt

"I think so... I think I'm done for now" he mumbled standing up knees shaking

You walked quickly but carefully not to jerk Liam's stomach out of the bathroom out of the restraunt.

"I'm gonna go tell them about the bathroom" you told Liam setting him in the car

He nodded as you locked the door walking back inside.


"Um.. Excuse me?" You asked tapping on a mans shoulder lightly

He spun around facing you," yes ma'am?" He asked

"My boyfriend has gotten sick in the men's bathroom and it needs to be cleaned" you told him

"Oh okay, has he left the bathroom?" He asked you

"Yes, I'm so sorry for the inconvenience" you answered feeling bad for messing up the bathroom

" oh it's fine!" He assured you

""Thank you" you said walking out of the restraunt back to the car

You got into the drivers seat looking at Liam," you doing alright sweetheart?" You asked

"Yeah.." He barley got out closing his eyes again

"I'm sorry you feel so bad" you said sadly rubbing his calf

"It's fine.. It was probably the food" he answered back never opening his eyes

"Yeah, well get home and I'll get you something for your stomach" you told him pulling out of the parking lot.

"Thanks I love you" he mumbled

"Feel Better babe" you whispered kissing his knuckled lightly


After arriving back home Liam went strait to bed after taking some medicine and was only sick the next morning feeling better by lunch time the next day:)


Whatcha guys thing???

Love ya


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