Tracks On The Floor Of My Heart

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AVA GET YOUR ASS UP ALREADY , I could hear my sister syden yell from the bottom of the stairs

* 5 minutes latter *

I hear the door open to see my brother Leo waking me up

Ava get up already mom said your food is getting cold .

Yes Leo is adopted but who cares , to me he's like my real brother .

Okay I'll be right down just let me change I said in a grumpy voice . I heard the door close . I got out of my bed and went to the bathroom took a shower and went down stairs to find my mom , my sisters , syden , spencer , my three brothers , Chris , Leo , Joey , and my cousin Resse sitting on the table counter .

Leo and syden are adopted and Resse lives with us cuz her mom and dad are away

Why do u guys wake up so early on weekends I said to them . I heard Resse chuckle . Cause there's a lot of people living here so we have to wake up early so everyone gets to take a warm shower and eat breakfast together said my mom . Well you guys give me no time to sleep . Well when your out of this house you can wake up any time you want but while your in my house you wake up the time ur suppose to I heard my mom say .

After we finished breakfast me Resse , syden , and spencer were going to the mall . We got ready and headed to the car , of course like always Spencer would drive .

We arrived at the mall and went to Abercrombie . We would always take like an hour in there . We been in the shop for about 20 minutes , me and spencer went back to the front of the store to get a different pair of jeans when we see Liam Tucker walk in my sister spencer didn't know I had a crush on him but I did . My sister didn't pay much attention to him when he walked in so I didnt pay attention to him either . My mom said to get a sweater so i went to the sweater section like always I look down on the floor I don't know why but when I got there I saw Liam there . Shit I whispered . In my head I was saying to my self FML. He probably didn't recognize me from all the new kids in our school .

When I got there he turned to see who was there he saw me but went back to wat he was doing I was looking at the sweaters that where there I saw this maroon sweater that I saw . But I heard a voice say it's Ava right I turned to my left I said ya . When I hear Liam say nice name . Thanks I said I picked another sweater that cought my eye just when Liam's hand and my hand touched ....

I moved my hand as quick as I could . Though I think he noticed . But I then hear my cousin Resse telling me to hurry up we're leaving . I said ok , and I went to the cash register to pay for all the things I bought witch were 2 sweaters a maroon colored one and a navy blue one , 3 pants and dark black one , washed ones with some rippings on them , and some pokeadoted ones and a bracelet . I paid for it and went out of the store where I met up with my 2 sisters and my cousin .

So this is chapter 1 hope u enjoy it and hopefully u read the beginning of the story where I tell u all the characters names and who plays them thx for reading don't forget to vote , favorite this story , save it to you library so you know when I update and comment it really helps and thanks for reading :D


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