Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

I was so hungry. No scratch that, I was starving. I haven't ate for 4 days. I was scared to go downstairs tho. I was scared that my dad would be awake and he would beat me for going downstairs when not told to but I had to me stomach was caving in. The last time I went downstairs he took a knife and cut a thick jagged line on my shoulder. Now I have a one inch thick white scar running rom my shoulder to my elbow.

I took shaky steps towards my bedroom door. I put my hand on the cold metal doorknob and slowly opened it praying it wouldn't make a noise. The door creaked open as I bit my lip hoping my dad didn't hear. I hesitantly took steps towards the stairs going down one at a time looking and listening for signs if my dad was near.

Just when I got of the bottom step I heard my dad yell "WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN HERE, GO TO YOUR ROOM". "But I'm hungry" I said.

Anger spread across his face. "You made her leave, you don't deserve food!" He spit at me. He had it wrapped around his head that I made my mom leave, but in my opinion it was his fault. He always pushed her into doing things she didn't want to do. She got so stressed out with him she left after kissing my head and telling me she would see me sometime in the future.

He punched me in the gut. I felt worthless hiding in a corner while my dad beat me. A clicking noise made me snap out of my thoughts to see my dad with a gun in his hands. "Go to your room before I change my mind in shooting you, I'll let you go this one time but next time I see your face you won't be so lucky" he said.

I sprinted to my room locking my door so he couldn't walk in my room to see me packing my bag. I was finally leaving. I looked around my room seeing if I forgot something, but I had everything, clothes, money, and the only thing that was precious to me, my mothers necklace. The necklace was the only thing I had left of her. The blue diamond hung around my neck, I haven't ever took it off since she left. It's worth tons of money, but to me it's priceless.

I open the window and jumped. When I landed on the soft green grass a wave of hope hit me. Hope that I could still live my life without it being ruined me my dad, but I knew I would never forget what he did to me.


Second chapter. She finally left!

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