The bitchy girl in school

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Uhm Hey! I need another advice. There is this bitchy girl in my school (let's say her name is amelia) she thinks she is the best. She annoys all the boys and the girls,and is always showing her ass or making it look big by wearing slutty clothing . She annoys the guys by flirting with them. She is always making fun of the girls, calling them fat, useless , sluts and other things. What should i do to survive it? P.s: youre awesome. -Cary


Dear Cary, 

Uhm well I'd say not to let what her actions do affect you. There are plenty of people like that but you shouldn't worry about them because they aren't worrying about you. Don't get hit in the crossfire. Which means don't provoke her to start making fun of you or doing whatever she does for attention because that's exactly what she's doing. She's asking for attention even if it's negative. Don't get in her way and keep to yourself unless she provokes you or one of your friends. Along with whoever she is flirting or saying all those mean things it's their job to say something to them about it. 

P.S thank you c: 


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