The flame

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There I am. Standing as quiet as a mouse. I have my bow set and I'm ready to shoot a buck that is in front of me. BOOM! I hear the cannon. "Peeta" I whisper. Suddenly my heart stops. I'm unable to move. "Peeta" I say louder. Before I know it I'm running through the woods. "PEETA!" I scream until I'm in a field. I see Cato running into the woods. I look forward and I stop breathing. There is peeta, who was stabbed to death and in a pool of blood. "PEETA!" I suddenly start sobbing.......

I come back to reality and I'm screaming in bed. Peeta's arms are around me and he is whispering to me. "Katniss, calm down. It's just a dream. No one can hurt you". I'm breathing heavy just thinking about losing him "No peeta, it wasn't me.... it was you... Cato and his friends. They..." I stop because peeta's lips are suddenly pressed to mine. He breaks away to tell me " Katniss it's ok. I'm here and I'm ok. We took care of Cato. It's ok".

Peeta always knew how to calm me down. He always knew what to say. Just like when we were on the stage for our interviews. I turn to stare into his beautiful blue eyes. "Katniss, you need to sleep" he says to me. I just nod and we both lay down and I rest my head on his arm. Then we go to sleep.

It's about 8 o'clock in the morning when I first wake up. I turn my head as slowly as possible trying not to wake up peeta. He is still asleep. He looks so peaceful when he is asleep. Except for when he is having nite mares. But you can tell he is having a very good dream. Peeta is laying on his side so I turn my body so we are spooning. I lay there and I become drowsy again so before I know it I pass out.

I wake up again. My back still up against peeta's chest. I hear peeta make a small moaning sound and he presses is body into mine. He starts to buck his hips and I realize what he is dreaming about. I don't know if I should wake him up or leave him. Then before I decide to leave him he wakes up. He looks down to see how hard he is. Is eyes go wide and he jumps out of bed. " Oh my god, katniss. I'm sorry" he says as he backs into the wall.

I jump out of bed and I walk up to him. I wrap my arms around his neck and I say " it's ok peeta, you can't help it". My cheeks turn red thinking about how much he probably wants my. He starts blush to. I reach up and I kiss him and he suddenly gets hard again. He starts to kiss my jaw and I let out a slight moan. That drove him crazy and he pushes me on to the bed.

"Katniss. I want you" he whimpers into my ear. I moan to show him I feel the same way. He slams his lips on to mine and we don't separate. We breath through the corners of our mouths so we don't have to break from each other. He runs the tip of his tounge against my lips pleading for entrance. I let him in and he explores the inside of my mouth and I do the same thing.

He separates from my lips and he starts kissing my jaw then slowly back to my ear. He whispers "I want you, katniss". He nips at my earlobe and our breathing increases. He then starts kissing down to my neck. I push him off me and I start to take off my shirt, leaving my bra on so peeta can take it off. He steps back up to me and he unhooks my bra and he drops it to the ground.

He pushes me on my back again and he resumes his kisses starting at my neck. Then he goes down to my chest and to my breasts. He kisses each breast with passion and he starts to nip at them. Suddenly I feel a burning sensation in my chest. It feels like a wildfire raging in my chest and it slowly makes its way down in between my legs. I pull peeta down on top of me and I whisper into his ear " I need you now". I pull of his shirt so I can see his abs and I slowly trace my hand across them.

Peeta unbuttons my pants and pulls them down my legs. Now all I have left on is my undies. Before peeta gets to carried away I pull down his pants and then his boxers and then he is completely naked. I take his penis and I start to stroke him and he lets out a moan. He hardens in my hand. Peeta takes my undies off and he pushes into me. "Peeta" I moan. It hurts but it slowly gets more and more wonderful.

The fire in my chest burns even hotter and peeta yells out "katniss.... I'm gonna.." suddenly I feel like I'm being filled up and peeta collapses on me. "Katniss I love you" he whispers. "Love you too" I whisper back, and I know it's true.

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