Finding You Again

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Quote: "You have to accept the fact that some people will stay in your heart forever, even if you are gone in their's."

Chapter 1

     I remember that day clearly. I was walking to school and for some reason, he wasn't there under the tree. We ALWAYS met under the tree. Then the phone call came.

*Flashback~1 year ago*

Daphne's POV

     I stood under the tree wondering where he was. He never missed out on our morning talks. Ring ring ring. My phone rang as I was just about to go into my Georgia High School. " Hello?" I asked into the phone.

     "Hi, ma'am. Is this Daphne Grimm?"

     "Yes, it is. Who is this?"

     "We're calling from the Georgia Shore Hospital. Do you have any relationship with Ethan Montgomery?" (picture of Ethan on the side)

     "Um. Yes. I'm his girlfriend. Why? Is there something wrong?"

     "We're very sorry to say. But I think you should head over here right now, ma'am. Ethan...he...he got into a car accident this morning while he was going to school."

     "WHAT!?! IS EVERYTHING OKAY? I'll be there in a sec." I hung up the phone and quickly went into the classroom where I spotted Kate. My best friend. "Kate. Quick. I need a ride to the Georgia Shore hospital." I insisted while a tear rolled down my face.

     "Omigosh. Why? Why are you crying? What happened?" she replied.

     "I'll explain everything later. Let's go" We sprinted out of the classroom, unaware of all the staring eyes that were on us. We got into Kate's red Jeep and drove off while I explained everything to her through tears.

     "Daphne, we're here." Kate said as I woke up from my daydreams. Kate and I rushed out of the car shutting the doors behind us. The next thing I knew, I was staring at Ethan's pale, lifeless face. I sat down on the chair next to him,  holding his hand.

     "Everything's gonna be alright. Just hang on there, okay?" I said straight to his face. Then, I dozed off into a deep sleep.

     For the next few weeks, I visited Ethan every day after school,  talking to his still lifeless face. I would say things like, wake up from your coma,please. Yes. He was in a deep coma and hadn't woken up for a month already.

     Then, one day, it was a damp gloomy day with rain pouring down. Still, I had to go see Ethan's face. I went into the lobby to sign in as a  visitor. The receptionist probably memorized my whole visitor page by now."Excuse me, miss. I'd like to sign in to go to Ethan Montgomery's room." I requested.

     "Don't you know? He signed out earlier today." the receptionist replied. WHAT!?! He couldn't have. He would've called me or came over or...or...he would've done something. I ran up the flight of stairs, not bothering to wait for the elevator. Reaching Ethan's room, I creaked open the door and peeked in, only to find the bed empty and a nurse making the bed. "where is the patient that was here?" I asked

     "He checked out today. He was with another girl." the nurse said as she gave me a look of sympathy.

*End of flashback*


Omigosshhh. Guyssss. And gurrllss. :)  how was it?? Be honest. I decided not to do the author's note thing after this. I find that when I read books here on wattpad, I usually skip the author's note :/ so I didnt want too annoy you guys or anything. So I wont be doing authors note unless I have something important to say. So yeahh. Enjoy the rest of the book. *btw. In the beginning of each chapter, I will be putting a quote :)*

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