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#After The Spa

Yn-bye mom,love u

Ym-love you 2,think about what I said yn


Ym-(goes in the house)

Yn-(drives home)


I pull up in front of my apartment n get out n go inside.I get my white button dress that stop about 1 inch under my butt with our chef hat n these white thick heel boots that come up to our knee.I take a quick shower then lay down n my phone ring.Its roc or trey.


Trey,Trent-hey mommie

Yn-hey u guys having fun

Trey-yeah,we went to this place n it had a lot of rides it was fun

Yn-thats good baby,where cherish

Trent-she sleep

Yn-aw umma give the phone to roc

Trey-okay,here daddy


Yn-hi umma I have to work 2ma til like 9 can cherish n trey stay until I come get them when I get off work

Roc-I dont work 2ma plus I can take trey to School with Trent keep cherish

Yn-oh okay,then I will come get them monday after school


Yn-okay bye

Roc-wait yn can we talk

Yn-i cant I need to go to sleep,goodnight



Ugh Sunday morning.I get up n wash up n put on my button shirt with some shorts that no one can see.I flat iron my hair n put my hat on n go to work.I arrive n go in n the place is full.Oh snap I was suppose to come early cuz today some person come in with a lot of people to see if we good enough to have a commercial.I hurry up in check in n go in the kitchen to help melinda with all these tickets flying in,she all over the place.

melinda Is the girl that was roc n yn n yn n ray waiter when they came to the restaurant.

We over all over the kitchen making the food.We finally serve everybody sat down.Then I remember realize cherish birthday a week away.Omg she gone be 1.I started thinking of what I can do like a party at chucky cheese or alittle party at my house.She loves beening at chucky cheese now that she can crawl n walk alittle now.I need someone to be dora cuz she love dora.I look at melinda n she looked at me confused.



Melinda-im not doing nothing for you

Yn-aw come on please its not for me its for my baby,I will pay u

Melinda-what u want me to do

Yn-can u get in a Dora suit for me please

Melinda-wtf hell no

Yn-please I will pay u 100 if u do i

Melinda-ughh when

Yn-next saturday

Melinda-okay but im getting the suit

Yn-thank you


Yn-that was a work out

Melinda-who u telling,all them damn people

Me n melinda was just talking n chating.She actually a cool n funny person.

Melinda-look,can we stop hating each other for no reason,I didn't mean to flirt with your husband,I promise to never do it again-wait where your ring

Yn-(look down at her wedding finger)we not m-ma married anymore

Melinda-why,wat happened?

Yn-(sign)remember that day u was me n that boy waiter

Melinda-(thinks)oh yeah

Yn-after we left I went home n roc my ex-husband was drunk,he was on the couch upside down n I came n tried to turn him n he kept saying get him another beer n I said no after about the 3 time of me saying no,he he hit me,he hit me hard n I was so scared I didn't no what to do,I took my kids n left n stayed at a hotel for a while,n then we got a divorce,he keep apologizing,I still love him cuz he put my heart back together n gave me a beautiful daughter but I'm scared to go back cuz I'm scared he going to hit me again,now I'm with a guy that broke my heart n left me with a baby n everybody judging me

Melinda-(speech less)oh umma,I'm sorry I don't no what to say

Yn-its okay(wipe the tears that was on her face)we should get to cleaning up cuz we done for today that's wat the boss said


They clean up n go home.

Melinda POV

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