Chapter 1

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I was driving along when some bastard decides to cut me off, and was very close to having the front of my truck taken off by his damn bumper. I had a strange feeling that today was going to be a bad day, (cough-cough-sarcasm-cough-cough).  

At the light, I saw a jerk run a red light right by a cop. A couple of miles down the road I saw him pulled over with the cop writing on his tiny clip board. The idiot just should have stopped, but no, he couldn’t have wasted the 10 seconds I did till the light turned green. I hate people.

I finally got to school, in one piece, and parked in the student parking lot, spot number 43. Lillian was already there, and so was Milly. The only reason I knew was because their cars were in the spots by mine. I grabbed my stuff out of the passenger seat, took off my winter jacket and put on my favorite black leather jacket with gray sleeves and hood. My parents said that if it was under 60 degrees I should put on a big marshmallow, but I just like being cold. It was better than being hot if you asked me. When you’re cold all you have to do is bundle up, where as if you hot, there isn’t really anything you can do.

Slinging my olive green messenger bag over my shoulder, I opened the door, jumping when Hilary and Samantha scared the shit out of me, attacking the only opening to get out of my car

“Karoline! OMG!” was all I heard until they were both just shouting random OMG’s and KAROLINE and whatever else they were screaming about.

“Shut up!” I laughed. They stopped, slowing their sentences, still jumping slightly, “okay, now what are your OMGs and Karoline’s about?” they started talking at once again. “ONE AT A TIME, PLEASE!”

Samantha started off, “Okay so there is this new guy and he like is totally H. O. T. hot!” then Hillary finished up for her, “And he is single and I even give him a 9 on the hot scale, and that’s hot not just cute!” okay so I know you don’t know Hillary like I do, but if she thinks a guy is that hot, he has to look like a movie star.

“Well, I have to put my stuff up, but after that I’ll look at what you guys are going gaga over. Okay?” they nodded. We walked to my locker, chatting, and they waited impatiently for me to unpack, jumping up and down, holding my stuff to make go faster and. I stuffed my binder and set my books in my arms.

“Alright, show me this amazingly hot dude,” and they lead me to my first period, AP Stats with Mrs. Hagler aka the best math teacher I’ve ever had whom I would not be in this class without.

I looked in and saw a group of high school girls surrounding a guy with black hair. They were all giggling and flirting really badly. That’s the thing with my school, we all practically know each other so there is barely any flirting, but when a cute guy comes it’s like bad flirting mania. They twirl their hair, run their hands over every piece of the poor soul’s arms, shove food into the guy’s mouth, and blink really fast all the time. It looks a lot like they have a permanent twitch in their eyes. It actually was quite scary, but very funny. Unfortunately, I don’t think the guys mind which means they keep doing it.

I couldn’t see him, so I said hello to Mrs. Hagler and just went over to my usual spot setting my books down on the desk next to mine.  Really, I didn’t care. He was going to be like any other pretty boy at our school. They may be cute, but there’s nothing going on upstairs.

“Hey, Karoline! Have you met Jack?” asked Bitchy Barbra. Ugh. Too much to write there. The need to know was that I hate her.

I glanced at Hilary and Sam before I turned to look at Barbra with a sarcastic smile on my face. The slut had it coming, but I didn’t know if it was me that was going to give it to her.

No, Barbra, I hadn’t had a chance with you throwing yourself at him.

“No, Barbra, I hadn’t had the chance to yet.” Someday, I will get the bitch. The crowd broke to reveal a god. His black hair couldn’t compete with the night sky; his emerald eyes drew you in and almost made me forget my thoughts. His smile was as white as a brand new t-shirt. I might have flinched, but my expression hadn’t changed, but his had. For a second, I thought I saw a slight bit of shock on his face.

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