Chapter 16: Memorable Moments In NYC

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Kylie's P.O.V.

"!" I said in between laughs. "I cannot believe you just did that!" Me and the girls were laughing hysterically at how dumb Jaden was. We were eating dinner and he spilled his drink on our waiter, and while he got up to help him, he made the waiter drop all the food he was holding. It was hilarious.

"Shut up okay it was an accident!!" Jaden said defending him self.

"Oh my lord loosen up Jaden you know we love you!!" Kylie said while we all went in to tackle him.

"Okay you guys can get off me now your cutting off my circulation!" He said laughing

"Oh wow so are you calling us fat?" Sofia asked jokingly.

"Hmm well five 100 pound girls start attacking me. That's 500 pounds attacking me!" Jaden said also jokingly.

"Alright alright guys I know this has been a lot of fun but we gotta head back to our hotel, it's 11:39pm" Stas said grabbing her Celinè purse.

We all grabbed our things and headed out. Pia held Stas' hand, Stas held Sofia's hand, Sofia held Kylie's hand, Kylie held my hand and I held Jaden's as we tried getting through the paparazzi. As much as we hated and tried to ignore the paparazzi, we couldn't help but laugh at how hysterical they were being. They kept asking and saying stuff like,

"Damn Jaden, 5 girlfriends?!"

"Ooo get it Jaden!"

"Ladies, how did you all agree to date Jaden at once?!"

"Jaden you little player!"

"Ladies man I see!"

What felt like forever, we finally reached our van and hid our faces from all the last minutes shots the paparazzi were trying to get. Once we were finally out of their sight, we just started talking and laughing. Me and the girls were talking about our usual stuff, while Jaden just sat on his phone. I didn't feel sorry for him to be honest, I mean this was mine and the girls trip anyways.

Jaden's P.O.V

Kylie and the girls are talking about some weird girl shit so I posted a selfie on Instagram with the caption "gonna miss NYC"

One girl from our school, Ashley commented,

"😍😍😍 can't wait for you to come back Jaden, I miss you!"

I replied back, "Thanks miss you too Ashley we should text sometime"

"Okay!" She replied back instantly. Right after I got a text,

A: Hey Jay it's Ashley!

J: Hey Ash, whatchu doin?

A: Oh nothing just sitting here, missing you😏

I froze. Ashley has feelings for me? Hmm.

J: Oh really?

A: Jaden, I don't know if you know this already, but I have a lot of feelings feeling for you

I froze again

J: Oh

I mean I didn't know what else to say.

A: I mean goddamn baby, the things I'd do to you...😏

That's when I stopped texting her. She's taking it too far. I'm in a relationship with Kylie. The girl I'm very much in love with. That perfect body with curves in all the right places, those big brown beautiful eyes, that long brown gorgeous hair, with those perfect straight and white teeth, and her laugh, it literally brightens up your day. And just her attitude towards life, it's amazing. With all the stuff that's going on in her family, her losing a lot of her friends, like Ashely and Hanna, her personality, I could go on for hours, and that's when I realized I've been saying those things out loud. I looked at the girls and they were all starring at me. Kylie was blushing and smiling so hard, with the rest of the girls smiling as well, which made me smile.

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