Cynthia's pov:

I sat on the bleachers and waited a while. Then the cheerleaders came out and started to cheer. Wait! Is that Layla? no.. I looked closer. Oh shit! it is! oh well. I sat back and relaxed. Right after they did their cheer the game started to play.

"wow"Was the only thing I could say... These people were amazing when it came to basket ball. We won yay. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I bought a water bottle and walked to the gymnasium. I started to walk towards the team when I saw Layla on some guy. As i started to get closer I realized who it was. Layla was flirting with James?

"excuse me?'i said

"sorry to interrupt but here is a water bottle"I said throwing at him before turning around and walking away. See if I care. But then some caught my arm

"hey! Cynthia!"Layla said

"hello' I said putting the fake st smile I could

"You know each other?"James said

"yeah she was my best friend"Layla said

"what!"I said

"you! You were the reason why I got bullied"I yelled

"Wait your the Layla?"James said

"uuhhh what?"Layla said

"yes this is the Layla I was talking about"I said

"ohhh well......."James said

"I'll grab a taxi"i said

"no! we were just talking"James said

"talking my ass"I said before walking away. I walked outside and called for a taxi. Man I should Reilly buy a car. My other car I had I sold it.


I ignored him and stand-ed there waiting for the taxi to arrive

"Cynthia babe.."

"don't babe me"I said

"let me explain"He said standing in front of me.

"no see I hate how when I tried to explain yesterday"I said

"oh come on"he said

"no...."i said

I am soo angry right now. Yesterday I tried to explain to him what happened and what did he do? He ignored me and drove away

"oh look my taxi is here"I said

I was about to walk towards when James ran to the cab.

"here you go thank you"James said paying the cab

"what the hell!"I yelled as the taxi man drove away

James picking me up and carried me.

"put me down!"I said hitting his back

"you hit so weak"james Chuckled

"I hate you"I said giving up

"i love you too"He said

He opened the door and sat me inside

"I swear Cynthia if you get out"he said

"i wont"I said If only it was -34 degrees

"good girl"he said as he closed the door and walked towards the other door

On the way home We didn't;t say a word to each. I wasn't planning to any ways.

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