Southern mud

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Well hey my name is Daisy Doe Smith, but every one calls me Daisy Duke. I have a southern voice that is truly great! I used to live in Alabama but my mama is making me move to Georgia!!

Chapter one* to point A to point B*

" Ugh mama why do we have to move I like it here in are nice small Alabama!"

"Honey I found I nice paying job as a vet and we will still be in a southern state I promise you will like it ."

I hated having to pack up everything and then unpack , it just is too much work! but at lest we will be in the country and not some big, high priced , fancy city. Anything is better than that.

Then we made it to our small town Savannah Georgia . it was a pretty little town there was cows every where , it was just like Alabama! Our house was a two story house and my room was all ready picked out by my mama . the walls were painted a brownish color and had horse posters on one wall.

Chapter two* the new girl

The thing I hated the most about moving was having to go to a new school , because then you were the newbie and every one treated you like you were special . But on that first day I won't forget this boy I "met" but I really bumped into him going to my second period. And it turns out he has a southern voice too , his name is Alex Sacoon. he was a gentleman and really cute !! I had second period with Alex. we had science , and right when I thought it couldn't get better Alex's girlfriend Sarah came in and sat right next to him . But what I didn't get was Sarah was a city~slicker and did power cheer! I can't believe a southern boy like him feel in love with that city chick.

Charter three* what is love

After 2nd period I had math , reading then lunch. When it was 5th period I had Ag. with Alex . [ with out Sarah ] I finally had the nerve to go and talk to him . I asked him why he was dating a city~slicker. He said " cause she pretty "

" So all you like about her is her looks ?!!"

"Well ya , I mean she's rude and weird but she makes me look good , why ya asking ?"

" I was just wondering and do u even like\ love this girl?"

" I like her but I mean...." the bell rang!!

Chapter 4* home sweet home

"Hey mom I'm home but I have homework so I will be up in my room."

I didn't really have homework I just didn't want my mom to ask me to do something for her or she would just barge in my room to see what I was doing. I really was writing in my journal (diary) about today. I wish 5th period would have never ended.! All I could think about was Alex. I even had a dream about him that night !

**** back at school chapter 5*

I saw Alex before school and I was too nervous to talk to him plus he was with Sarah! That mad me so angry when I saw those two walking or talking together!! I was at my locker when Alex came over and went to his locker , which was right next to mine! "Hey Alex what's new other than Sarah's skirt being even shorter?" I asked.

" Nothing ( small giggle) but are you doing anything tonight cause Sarah is going to New York City for the rest of the week and I don't want to be by myself ."

" Oh that stinks but my mom has to be at work until midnight ,so I will be by myself too, so yes we can hang out here's my number."

*** BELL RANG***

The day went by fast , thank heaven. I couldn't wait for the day to end ! Then when the day ended I got in my old 1989 ford truck and rode home as fast as I could.

**** chapter 6 the best night**

I could wait for Alex to come over , but I had to clean and cook! For dinner I made Shepards pie with green beans and sweet tea. At 6:15 Alex was knocking at my door.

"Hey Alex I hope you like Shepards pie and sweet tea (small giggles) come in."

"Thanks , and Shepards pie is my favorite and same with sweet tea!"

" So how long is Sarah going to be gone for?"

" I think a week but who knows."

"What do you mean by who knows? "

"Well normally she will same something but be another."

"Oh see I dont like that in a person."

" Neither do I but ...[ his phone rang .. the song " country boy can survive "] sorry it's Sarah !"

"( hey Sarah )" And they talked for a couple minutes and it sounded like Alex was mad at her. But while he did that I washed dishes.

"( well ok bye)"

"Is every thing ok ?" I asked consered.

"No , not really cause it turns out Sarah is staying up in New York!"

"She is ..... wh-why?"

"I don't know , but I have to get home see ya ."

"Oh ok ..... well see ya."

Chapter 7 **yes but no **

I can't believe Sarah isn't coming back , but at lest Alex is single (not trying to sound weird). I just wish , he would ask me out or say that he likes me or ever just show that he likes me. Right when I got to school I went to my locker because I saw a yellow note on the lock. The note was from Alex, it said { hey meet me after school I need to ask you something <3

~Alex ~} I thought to myself { he is goin ask me out I can feel it !!} After that note I felt special to have a guy that cares , so I had to keep the note.

**Chapter8 come for a ride **

After school I came out side and waited right where he said to wait. Then when 10 minutes pass I was about to leave until a headlight caught my eye. It was Alex , when he got there he apologized for being late and we talk about his truck until he ask for me to get in his truck! "Come on , I want I take you mudding and ask you that one question."

" Oh ok as long as I'm back before 10:00."

I hopped in his F250 truck and bucked up for this ride! He took me out to the Mondex to go muddin!

"So that one question that I need to ask was , since Sarah is gone would you go out with me?" Right when he said that we hit a giant mud hole and right when caught air I screamed "yesssss!"

" Haha was that fun or what haha lets do it again!!"

"OMG that was scary!" as I said that I let go of my death grip I had on his arm. After he asked me I felt numb. I didn't know what to say, so I turned in the radio on our way home.

**Chapter 9 call it love**

" Can u take me home , cause it is close to 10:00 and my mama would freak if she knew I was here."

" Haha live on the dangerous side once in a while , party pooper , but I guess I have to take ya home." I wish I didn't have to go home but it was because I was nervous this was my first boy friend and I didn't know what to say or what to do , but I can't wait to write this in my journal(diary). "hey thanks again for taking me it was fun can we do it tomorrow , too?"

"Sure I don't see why not unless ur mom says no."

"She won't and night "boyfriend" see ya tomorrow."

"Haha night girl ." Night girl , that's all I get is night girl ! I think he is putting me in the friendzone!

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