I ran into the living room, hearing a load bang. Kiana,my 2 year old sister lay dead on the floor. Dad had a gun in his hand. 

"DAD!!!!!!!! WHAT DID YOU DO?????"

He turnsto look at me, with his evi lgrin,

"Its your turn to die Hannah."

He shot me squarely in the chest.


I woke up crying hard. My father killed my sister when I was four years old. Louis came over to me,

"Whats wrong?"

I stuttered,

"He.......he killed her."

He look at me,

" Who?"

"My sister, i couldnt stop him.

(Louis's P.O.V) (Quick P.O.V)

My body went stone cold

"Baby its going to be ok. Just go back to sleep.'

As soon as her head hits the pillow, she wasout. I cant believe what she just told me. I walk quietly back upstairs, trying to not wake anybody else up. Zayn waled out of his room,

"Is she ok?"

 I said to him in reply,

"Hannah had a dream of somebody killing her sister."

Zayn just stood there in shock.

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