Chapter 4

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* chapter 4 *

Harry's POV

I woke up with a body cuddled into mine. I was still a bit groggy from sleep, but all the memories started flowing back. I met Aleah, we became what I believe to be friends, had a movie night at this sketchy motel, and we're now laying in the same bed together.

She looked so peaceful while she was asleep. When she was awake, she was always smiling, but there was sadness in her eyes. And that's something I want to find out about her, why she's so sad inside.

I was too deep into thought to realize the sleeping beauty had woken up. She flicked me in the forehead but it only stung for a moment. She looked happy, but slightly nervous, probably to see my reaction of her next to me.

"Well good morning to you, too," I said, my morning voice being low and raspy. "May I ask why you're in my bed?" She giggled a little and responded,

"Well, I was in my bed but I came over here for two reasons. One being I was cold as hell. Two.. Well.. I got a little scared. You know, from the movie.." She lightly blushed and looked away. How on earth, with my luck, did I meet this adorable girl?


Aleah's POV

This was way embarrassing. I was cuddled up to the cheeky boy I met yesterday. Well what can I say, I was terrified! I was keeping.. Uh.. the devil away..? Yeah. That's it. He didn't seem to mind much, though. So I guess it's whatever.

"Whaddya' wanna do today, curly?" I asked.

Curly. That's a cute nickname.

"Curly? How original," He winked. "Dunno. But I'm hungry. Wanna swing by McDonalds and get some food?" I checked my phone and it was already 12;30.

"Wow how late did we stay up last night? It's nearly 1 o'clock!" I didn't check my phone before falling asleep next to Harry.

"Well I fell asleep right after the movie and it was around 2 a.m., but I have no idea when you fell asleep," he kindly smiled at me and rolled out of bed. I didn't even realize he had taken his shirt off until he stood up and I gasped accidentally.

His body was so muscular and was covered in tattoos. Maybe sooner or later, when, if, we got closer, he could tell me what they meant. I love knowing things about others, but I hate telling others about me. You know what I mean? Maybe, just MAYBE, I could let Harry in. I could tell him all my problems. But definitely not anytime soon. I just need someone to talk to so badly. I'm dying on the inside and I have so many secrets. So many things to hide. Including my arms and legs.

I don't deserve someone like Harry in my life. I'm definitely going to screw this up somehow like I always do.


Harry's POV

I hopped out of bed and right as I did that, I heard Aleah gasp. But I ignored it. I grabbed my shirt I was wearing yesterday and went into the bathroom for a shower. I didn't really need a shower, I just needed time to think.

I wondered what Aleah was hiding. If her past could be as bad as mine. Who knows. Even though I've only known her for a day, I feel the need to know her. To help and take care of her. As the water ran down my back I looked down at my body that was littered with scars. All the battles I've lost with myself. I'm so pathetic.

I hopped out of the shower and roughly dried my curls, patted the rest of my body dry and threw my clothes from yesterday back on. When I walked out of the bathroom, Aleah was gone. She just disappeared. But laying on the nightstand, which I have absolutely no idea how she forgot, was her cell phone.



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