Bully Since Day One ( Justin Bieber fanfic)

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Hello i'm new here and this is my first story and if its bad i'm sorry just please dont hate or put any rude comments. Thanks.


ever wondered being bullied before. Maybe not but Allison Feneda has been bullied since the first day of high school. But now she is entering her senior year. She's hoping this year would change but she knows it wont but since she got her braces off and has purple contacts she hope's this year will change.

Allisons POV

As i wake up to the voice of my mom screaming "Ally wake up its the first day of school and i dont want you to be late" she said. " I'll be ready in a few mom" i replied. I quickly went to the shower got done dried my bright red hair and then went to my closet picked out my crop top that says Dream Big in the middle, my white shorts, grey converse. I put my hair in a bun light make-up on grabbed my bag and i was ready to go. I couldnt eat breakfast cause i was too late for school cause there was 10 more minutes left. right before i left my car i kissed my mom goodbye.

when i arrived at  St.Chester High School i kinda felt nervous but i think i'm gonna get through with it. I waited till i got my schedule and headed to class. 

Justins POV 

I went inside the school and got my schedule but i kept on getting stopped these girs that wanted to chat with me they were so annoying me so i just said sure. After the little conversation i finally got to my first class. I was hoping one of my buds were there in my classes before i headed in. 

Allisons POV

as i came in and took my seat i heard someones name i never wanted to hear ever again in my life, JUSTIN BIEBER. He was my bully ever since the beginning of high school!!!! I looked at him in confusement then he started heading towards me , i felt  my heart pounding it felt like it was about to jump out of my chest. He said '' Aren't you in my seat, idiot? i  stayed silent  and moved my stuff to another seat. " thanks bitch" he mumbled. i was so mad that this question bursted out of me. " arent you supposed to move to florida Bieber" after i said that he slapped me and said "stay out of my business Feneda" i silently cried for about 5 minutes then i heard the bell ring i ran out the door as fast as i could.


Sorry guys thats it for today hope you read it its my first time so dont hate ok and i'll post tomorrow i promise :)

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