I clutched the gash in my side and continued to run, despite the pain. I skidded around a corner to see a sight I wish I could unsee.

I fell to my knees in front of Penny's bleeding form.

I looked up at Jason who was folding a wad of cloth to put over the bullet wound in the right side of her chest. "What happened?" I could barely speak without sobbing.

"She jumped in front of me... to save me... and she..." He knelt down beside her and pressed the cloth to the wound. Penny looked up at us with a pale grin.

"I'm fine. I'll be fine." She struggled to talk. She coughed and I could see a glimpse of blood coating the inside of her mouth. I looked up at everyone around us, their eyes glistening with tears. I looked back down at Penny, who lay there dying. She looked up at me with her grass green eyes and gave me this grin that started a fresh batch of tears.

"You'll be fine." I gripped her weak hand.

"That's what I s-said... dumbass." She smiled, but a pained look filled her face soon after. She inhaled once more. I could hear her air ways fill with blood and her eye grew wide before fluttering shut. She chest stopped rising. We all sat there in silence.

"She's gonna turn." Rick said, holding Lori.

"But she wasn't bitten." Jason said, not taking his eyes off of Penny.

"No matter how you die, you're going to turn. Everyone is infected with whatever caused all of this." I limply pulled my revolver out of my pant waist. "Jason?" I extended the gun towards him, but he pushed it away.

"I can't." He said.

"I guess I'll..." I checked to see if it was loaded. I scooted closer, wincing as my elbow brushed my wound. I shakily raised the gun to her pale temple. A fresh stream of tears kicked in and I put my head in my hands.

-Daryl's POV-

The last time I'd saw her like this was a long, long time ago. I'd known her as strong, and only that. It was hard to watch her like this. I knelt down next to her and put my hand on her back. She looked up at me with her bloodshot brown eyes. Her cheeks were red and splotchy and soaked with tears.

"It's ok." I whispered to her. I placed my hand on hers that was holding the gun. "She'd want you to." She nodded, composing herself and raising the gun again.

"Goodbye Penny." She whispered, slowly pulling the trigger.

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