Making A Change

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I slammed my door shut and ran into my room screaming at the top of my lungs, tears rushing down my face. I couldn't believe the kids at my school. I repeated to myself slowly, trying to calm down "i will" i breathed in. "Stay stong," breathe out. See I'm not your normal teenage girl. My names Rose, I suffer from depression, anxiety, selfharm, and I'm 326 pounds heavy. Today Brayden called me a beast. Normally beast means good, you know? like "woaaaaah beast dudeee" but no, it meant animal, fat, gross. I was sick of all of this, i wanted to change, not just for the pain and bullying to stop but so i could actually be happy, and experience the things normal girls do. Like partys, and shopping, friends, boyfriends...

That night my mom talked to me about going away, to a camp, like a fat camp, but during the school year, where i still had school but i had a personal trainer and help, doctors of all kinds. People like me to relate to. I had agreed, only because mom would be coming along to support me. It was rare they aloud a parent to come and stay at the camp also but they thought it would be good to start classes for parents of kids like me, to help teach them how to cook and how to deal with us, but mostly how to support us and say no. It was my time to change, but for the good. If i completed the camp which was 10 months, then i got a new wardrobe, and a makeover, I was ready.

The next day I started to pack. There was a strict list of rules and regulations of what you could and couldnt bring, and the consequences of what happened if you did bring those things. I read, and re-read that page so many times if you asked me what rule number 7 was, I could tell you word for word, pretty bad huh?

Things I could Bring:
-my laptop
-under garmets
-person hygiene
-work out clothes
-normal clothes
-school supplies

What I wasnt aloud to bring:
-food of any kind

I wasn't okay. Yeah you probably think thats sad but come on?? I have a stache to feel an army.....literally.
I knew this was for the best but it wasnt going to be easy, I knew this was what i wanted, and I knew that after all of this I wanted to go back to my school and see what happened. What I didnt know was if i was going to survive all of this. Come with me.

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