I held my breath as I walked to lunch. Daisy texted me that there was a new girl who was going to sit with us at lunch. I was so nervous! I may have a circle, but that doesn't mean I'm social. The exact opposite, actually. I am one of the most antisocial and awkward people you will ever meet.

I walked through the door of the cafeteria to the smell of stale pizza crusts and burning hamburgers mingling with peanut butter and Goldfish crackers.


Then I spotted our table. There sat Daisy, Miriam, Mary, Maddi, Olivia, and some girl that looked like she skipped from Freshman year to Senior year. Like, she was literally 5'0". Her hair was in a low curly ponytail and when she blinked, sparkles and purple powder rained from her eyes that had been generously caked with eye shadow.

Why was I nervous for this, again?

I mean, she was pretty. Pretty, like in an Abigail Breslin way. Not a sexual attraction way.


I sat down at our table, introducing myself to the new girl.

"I'm Jessica," I stated.

"Emily," she replied shyly.

I could tell she was quiet and antisocial. We were going to get along just great.

Could she be my Prince(ss) Charming?

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