He Drives Me Crazy

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Daniel's POV

It was 3 weeks into the school year. 3 weeks since I'd met Heather. And 3 weeks since I'd had the best idea of my existence (granted it didn't have much competition). Since the first day of school, I'd had lunch with Heather a couple more times, talked to her on the bus, and not much else. But, we'd slowly gotten closer, and I knew a lot about her now, and, I really hate to admit this, but getting to know her made me happy. Heather was turning me into a softie.

Heather's POV

School hadn't gotten much better after three weeks. The idiotic asshats in my class teased me about everything. My clothes were too preppy. My grades were too good. And most of all, I was the weird kid who hung out with the bus driver. I only had one friend, and he was a scrawny geek who belonged to the AV club, but it's not like I could complain.

And besides, the other kids didn't know it, but Daniel Desario, the bus driver was a really cool guy. And if I had to choose over them or him, I'd choose him any day.

I guess that's why I was sitting in Park's Pizza with him.

Daniel's POV

"So you're absolutely sure there's nothing in the handbook about students and bus drivers?" I asked Heather from across the booth in the restaurant.

"Positive," she said, taking a bite of pizza, "I read the entire handbook through and through, and it says nothing about students and bus drivers meeting up outside of school. Of course I'm sure the school wouldn't like it, but they don't have to know. And they can't argue with the handbook."

She smirked.

I liked that she was smart. It was cool to have someone smart think I'm worth their time. Even if they were a high schooler.

"Sweet," I smiled, "the pizza is on me."

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