It could of ended better.

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.This is a true story about myself, well there will be more interesting moments but this did happen to me. no evil comments please haha.


Alexis POV:

    It was the middle of freshman year, i logged onto facebook and saw a video post of the harlem shake

 “what the fuck is the harlem shake?” i yelled to my sister. I clicked play and completely regretted it when the stupidest dance came on.  i left a comment on it wow this was honestly such a waste of my time thanks bro. once i realized how rude i sounded it was too late because i had already posted it. i didnt feel too bad though, it wasnt the only rude comment on there . i was about to log off when i received a message

mathew: hey, are you a freshman?:)

holy shit! he messaged me fuck fuck fuck hes probably going to think im such a bitch crap . should i reply … of course i should facebook already told him i opened it

mathew is typing…

oh shit he is writing more maybe i should reply.

mathew: I'm mathew by the way and you’re really pretty:)

me: oh thank you:) and yea i am a freshman … arnt you a junior?

he hasn't brought up the comment thank the jesus! i seriously just want to ask who the fuck you are. gosh you have no good photos in any of your albums. oh heres one of you and your friends but which one are you!!!

Mathew is typing…

Mathew: Yeah i am. hey so i really hate facebook uhm do you think i can have your number? you dont have too but it would be like awesome?

why the fuck does he want my number. should i give it to him? do i want him to have it? i mean what can go wrong right haha


Mathew POV:

message read at 9:30 p.m. …

Damn this girl is fucking cute, fuck if i were to get her number i would sure as hell hit her up right away. why is she taking so fucking long. come on alexis i just want your number. im no creeper or anything for asking her so soon right?

“Ayo Tami do you think its weird i just asked this girl for her number after only talking for 5 minutes?”

Tami gave me this look saying why the fuck do i care. fuck shes a bitch why couldnt i have like a cool hot sister that all my friends would want to fuck . wait no not the last part for sure. but seriously i got a lame ass sister who likes to read and shit. Making me look like a dumb older brother.

alexis is typing…

thats what i thought hehe this girl so wants me. “ayo tami do you know alexis turner?”

i mean i think tami should know her shes in the same year as her

“uhm yeah why?”  she responded suddenly taking an interest in what i have to say

“well i just asked her for her number and im sure shes going to give it to me” i said with a big ass smirk on my face. i mean who wouldn't want me i'm fucking hot, im a junior, plus i drive.

“Hahaha alexis and you? Dont be stupid Mat. She is way too young for you.You’re fucking ancient compared to her dude. plus shes one of my friends so back off" she demanded.

Fuck Tami pisses me off. so what if she was 14 and i turning 17 in 2 weeks. And if she was one of Tamara’s friends why does it matter if i tried hooking up with her.

With all the arguing with me and tami, I had completely forgot the conversation with alexis. i checked my laptop

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