Chapter 1-

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[ first off this is a little something from me as the author. Okay look if I do this wrong or its disappointing sorry but its so much pressure to do this perfectly, that just because of that I might screw this up. Also don't look for any vivid sex scenes, I don't do those! I also do not do  hot make-out scenes  sorry, its just really not my thing... If you want dirty things,  go to  somebody's imagines. xo ]

I'm Nicole. Do you want to know a little about me? Well here you go! Now don't go running away. Well first of all, I'm 19 years old. Second of all, I'm insecure. I have dirty blonde hair, but its never perfect or shiny, no matter how hard I try to make my hair perfect! It never is perfect. When you think ''blonde'' you think, ''model'' ''sexy'' but not with me you don't! My hair is right above my boobs, and its layered but I need to get highlights.. Its bad for my hair though, and as frizzy as it already gets that is THE last thing I need! I have hazel colored eyes, and I have a curvy body type. I work out! I really do! But.. lets be frank. Right when I got off of that treadmill I eat like 800 calories. But don't we all? I eat! I'm not Barbie and I don't expect you to treat me like one. Oh, and sorry if I forgot to tell you but I have this huge attitude. I love a LOT of bands but the one I love the most would have to be one direction. I've gave up on any chances to dating them though, they're famous and come on there is no chance. I than wanted to be best-friends with them, and I still do but that'll never happen. Modest would never let a girl like me, come into the boys life. Media would swarm, girls would hate me more than they already do,  and than it would be awful.. I'd have death-threats all of the time and I cant handle that. 

And one more thing? I've given up on true love. I've had over 5 boyfriends in the past, and they broke me.. They left me here to bleed out and die and you know what, I've given up. Who can blame me.

I climbed out of bed, threw on a plain purple t-shirt, slipped on some pink shorts and got on my all star black converse. They were really old and faded, plus the laces were torn up and stained with mud that splashed on them from last year. But I don't care, I love them! If I had to pick something out of my wardrobe that I love the most, that'd have to be my converse. 

I ran on the tread-mill for 30 minutes, and than ate some bacon and drank two small glasses of milk.  I don't have a job, because my room-mate, ''Vanessa'' is working for me. I had a job, I'm not lazy. But I lost it. ACTUALLY, they fired me and it freaking sucks. Vanessa is OBSESSED with Simple plan. I have to admit their music helps with a lot of situations. But I love One Direction, a  lot more. They're beautiful for starters, and they're my age.. They're lovely boys.. Of course I don't have a chance with them though! But even if I did have a chance and one of the boys asked me to date them I wouldn't do it because I'd be scared they were going to break my heart. I need some ME time. Some time to focus, do what I'm doing and go out with Vanessa and Carly. Carly, is also my room-mate, but she's more on the ''hold my hand while you cross the road'' kind of girl.

Let me tell you a little about Vanessa. She's 18, silly and 113% gullible and immature. She's awesome though, I love her. She has long black hair and its silky. See, she has the hair I yearn for. And than Carly, well she has shoulder length light brown hair, but she usually switches colors a lot. Like literally she goes from brown and black, to blue and purple in a matter of a couple of weeks. Vanessa and I keep telling her, ''Its going to kill your hair'' but she doesn't care.. Its all about the 'NOW' not about the 'LATER' ... As for me, you already know those details... And I don't really want to talk about myself more than I have  to.

I'm going shopping today with Carly. I'm not going to bring Vanessa because she's working a double shift today so she can pay for rent. Its sad. I really want to help her, but I can't find a decent job. I worked in Mcdonalds for 2.4 minutes before spilling iced tea on my boss, and hot coffee on some poor business man. I'm clumsy if you haven't noticed this already. Carly says it adds to my charm, but  I say that's bullshit. 

''HOT DAMN'' Carly said, admiring the male model cardboard cutouts placed in random places inside the magazine shop.

''They're not THAT hot.'' I rolled my eyes.

''You're just jealous.'' said Carly.

''Jealous of what? ... BOYS?'' I ask raising an eyebrow.

 ''Nope, REAL men.'' Carly winked.

''Are you saying I've never dated a real man?'' I ask.

''You've dated a lot of douche bags Nicole.'' Carly said seriously, but still flipping through CD's. 

''No! that's a shocker.'' I reply narrowing my eyes continuing to browse the magazine rack, flipping through vogue and randomly scamming through a J-14 magazine. I paused on the 14th page, when a 1D poster caught my eye. They really are beautiful. I decide to set the magazine down, (as I already have this cover) Than I look over at Carly, who is now obsessing over Katy Perry exclusive 'Prism' albums and tour brochures. ''Carly, you already have that.'' I say looking over at her, hoping she'd remember we're on a budget, without me having to remind her myself. After two minutes of staring at the CD and brochure she replies, ''Oh, right.. Yes.. But this one has a brochure.''   ''Carly..'' I insist on her putting it down with the look I'm giving. ''Fine. But just so you know there are the hunger games movie soundtracks over there selling for 5 dollars each. They're on sale.. but to bad because we're ON A BUDGET.'' She gave me a bitchy look, before strutting out the of store. ''Carly..'' I mumble under my breath. She's used to buying anything she wants, but now that she's moved in with Vanessa and I, and we're not exactly rich.. She has to get used to it! Which, she is.. Slowly, but SURELY getting used to it. I rolled my eyes, snapped myself out of thoughts and caught up to Carly who was now walking into Claire's. Oh great, she'll want to buy the store out. And the sad thing is so will I! .. I  may have a weakness to merchandise and cheap jewelry,..  okay? 

''Oh Nicole we have to buy these bottle cap necklaces!'' Carly exclaimed. 

''No, Carly. We don't have to buy them, we WANT to buy them.'' I replied.

''Oh yeah fine. What if I told you they have one direction's faces on them?'' Carly asked raising an eyebrow.

''I'd say yes but they don't so no.'' I replied simply.

''Well they do.'' Carly said looking at me proudly like a kid whom has just got their way.

''Oh..'' I paused, than continued with ''Well.. in that case.. WE HAVE TO BUY THEM!'' I shrilled so loud the cashier probably thought I was twisted in the head or something. I'm weak for One Direction things. I just am. I always have been, and when you add 1D with bottle cap necklaces, I just couldn't resist. Its not like they're expensive either, because one necklace is 3 dollars so all together it'd be 6 bucks for us to both get one. Knowing Carly, she probably wants all of the boys. ''I NEED ALL OF THEM.. I NEED TO WEAR MY BOYS PROUDLY AROUND MY NECK!'' She smiled widely, eyes shut while managing to prance in one place like a 15 year old, whilist wearing all of the boys necklaces around her neck. Oh look I was right! Carly DOES want all of them. ''No Carly, pick ONE.'' I demanded. She pouted like a kid, than took the Zayn necklace and I picked Harry.

We decided, that after all of that shopping we needed something to drink before going home, so we stopped at star-bucks and Carly and I both ordered our drinks, before hopping into our SUV.

I let Carly drive us home, but she more demanded it because it makes her feel more 'grown up'  even though she's 20 and oldest by one year. Its fine though because I wanted to text, and we've made  strict ''no texting while driving'' rules. Carly turned up the radio, but I quickly turned it down because its distracting. Carly eyed me deviously. 

I browsed Selena Gomez on my smart phone and than decided to look out the window.

Carly continued to turn up the radio for a second try at music, but I didn't argue this time, because I know if I do she'll slap my hand and swerve all over the road! ....... we just can't have dents in our only vehicle.

We got home in 40 minutes flat, and I raced out of the car, unlocked our Apartment door and we raced in our apartment,- 26B.

I plopped on the couch, while Carly decided to cook something. 

Vanessa wouldn't be home until 10 tonight, because of the double shifts. 

Carly and I ate, watched a movie and than went to bed because both of us shopped until we dropped, and that doesn't include the window shopping we did. 

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