Strange Thoughts

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Abby's POV*

Jordan was finally home. It felt like I have'nt seen him in years when really it has only been a couple of months. He didn't expect the party he was so happy.

"You guys seriously didn't need to this." Jordan said with a huge smile on his face.

"Actually it was Abby's idea right Abby?" Mom said this and realized i have'nt been paying attention to anything they were saying.

I was still trying to remember what happen in my room. Even though it feels like nothing happened at all but I know deep inside that something had happen and it wasn't good. I then realized that Jordan and my  parents were staring at me waiting for an answer.

"Oh I'm sorry. I zoned out for a bit. What are we talking about?"

"That it was your idea for my party.. Abbs are you okay?" Jordan asked me with a lot of concern.

"Yea I'm fine just need some air." 

I excused my self and went outside. People were starting to arrive and I said my hello's and said I'll be right in. I was outside for couple of minutes until I got cold and I heard a strange voice.

"It's good to be back. Isn't Abby? Arn't you glad that I'm back?"

The way those words were said sent chills down my spine. I was deep into thought when a voice startled me.

"Hey Abbs whats up?" I look up to see Matt smiling right above me.

"Matt! You scared me!!" I said while I hit him playfully.

"Yea I know and Why are you not inside its like 120 degrees out?"

I had no idea what he was talking about. I was freezing cold. I was lost in my thoughts when that weird voice came back.

"Who's that? I don't like him make him leave. You'll make him leave right Abby?"

Matt realized that I looked terrified and took me inside. 

"Woah Abbs You're freezing!! How's that?"

I didn't answer but his warm hands brought me right back to reality. 

"Abbs are you ok? Cmon talk to me. whats on your mind?"

"Matt you have to leave."

"what why? I was gonna meet Jordan today remember?"

"Yes but you don't understand. Please just go."

The look he gave me showed that I hurt him. He left the party and I went to my room to cry. I was shocked that I actually said that. I was gonna tell him about that weird voice but I said something totally different. I sat in my room and cried. When there was a knock.

"Please go away. I want to be alone." The door opened just to see Jordan. When I saw him I got up and ran into his arms crying.

"Abby what's wrong?"

"Jordan something strange is happening to me and I can't explain it. There's this voice in my head that keeps talking to me and It scares me." I realized Jordan was staring at something on my bed

"A-Abby is that fluffy on y-your bed? Didn't you lose him when me moved?"

Then all of the memories came rushing back and I started panic. I began to remember what happened. I remembered Mary. Then the room got cold again. Jordan and I were holding each other even tighter. My mirror had fogged up and on it said

"I told you I'd come back."


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