Chapter 6

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When Sally lead us to a room the. left the room I felt someone grab my hand. "Wes I'm scared" I hear Hayden whisper, this made my heart sink. "We will be fine I promise." I squeeze her hand, "Keaton did you see any ways out?" Keaton sighs, "no but Drew might when we get back." I nod, "girls did you know where we are?" Jasmine nodded, "we are at Alexis's dads old factory, Taylor is the only one who has ever been here though. Because her dad took her here to help with a drug case. " I tried to turn to Taylor but the rope kept me from moving, "do you know how to get out of here?" She cleared her throat, "yes but it goes by the main offices and I think that's where they have Drew . " Keaton shushed us, and Alexis brought back Drew, she sat him down. "Sally come untie the girls, it's time for pay back." Sally smiles and untie them. The girls gave us scared looks and walked out of the room.


They lead us to the basement where they tied us each to a pole. " now we get to cause you guys the pain you caused us." Alexis says as she grabs a bag and pulls out a bat, a slingshot and glass bottle. "Now pick your punishment." Sally says with an evil smile on her face. Before I could say I wanted the bat Taylor screamed, "give me that bat you bitch!" And I heard Hayden start crying I took a deep breath, "give me the sling shot and Hayden the bottle ." Alexis laughs and starts with Hayden. She hit her in the face 5 times then she punched her on the right side of her face. Lastly she grabbed the bottle smashing it and grabbed a piece of glass and cut her arm and face. Then Sally grabbed the sling shot, she shot rocks and glass at me. She aimed for my legs, arms and stomach, I could feel the blood dripping down my arms. The pain was terrible, I almost cried but I felt courage build up in me, "hit me again bitch!" Sally frowned, and punched me in the lip "I would but its Taylor's turn." Alexis grabbed a bat and swung the bat into her stomach. Then she did it 3 more, she started walking away but she stopped, "Sally untie her left arm." Sally nodded and grabbed her hand. Alexis smiled, "now don't try to touch Dre e again." She swung the bat and we heard a snap and a scream of pain. Then we hear a punch and Taylor stop screaming sally and Alexis high five, "time to talk to the boys!" Sally says and her and Alexis run ups stairs. "Taylor are you okay?" Hayden asked trying to ignore the pain in her face. Taylor shock her head and was unable to talk she was in shock. Hayden looked at me, "are you okay?" I nod, "I'm fine just some scratches and a busted lip, we have to get out of here." Hayden agreed and then we all started crying, we never cried but for once we were scared and in pain. "Fuck, we new to stop crying we are going to get out of here!" I say and they sniffle and nodded.


We hear a scream and we all look at each other in shock. Then Drew screamed, "IF YOU HURT THEM I WILL KILL YOU!" He tried to stand up and his hand slipped out of the rope. Wes smiled, "We are getting out of this hell hole!" Wes was about to let us out, when we heard laughing. He sat down, when Alexis and Sally came in. "Hey boys!" They said and we all groaned. "Don't be mean, you are the ones who got yourselves here!" Alexis says. "What do you mean?" I asked. Sally laughed, "well we were the ones who tweeted you guys about them. Then we hacked Jasmine's twitter and saw that you guys were coming. We went to the concert and paid some girls to point you out. So when you went running we followed, then we made the girls go home and we found the barn. We went home for the night and came back the next day. But you guys were gone so we waited till you all were in the cabin. Then when you all came back we gases you. " she smiled and started to touch Keaton's hair. "That is messed up dude!" Drew yells. Alexis smiles, "no baby it isn't, we just wanted to meet you guys and make you our boyfriend. It was an act of love, we didn't know you would fall for the sluts but you did so we had to teach them a lesson for causing us pain!" Alexis pulled Drew in and kissed him. Drew kicked her and she smiled, "you guys will be ours when you see how ugly they are. Lets get them!" They left and we all were scared for the girls.


We were all making small talk trying to stay positive. We heard them coming down the stairs. "Okay time to see the boys!" Alexis says as she laughs her head off. I'm brought up the stairs first and I'm scared to know what I looked like. I passed a mirror and say I had a huge cut and bruised on my right cheek. When we got to the door they pushed me in and closed the door. I looked up and the boys were staring at me. "I'm not the worst, when the other two come up don't freak out it will make the devil twins happy." I say trying to be calm, I manage to stand up and I went straight to Wes. "Hayden are you okay??they hurt your beautiful face! I'm going to kill them!" I looked at him And shook my head, "I'm okay, it stings and hurts to talk but I'm happy to be with you." Wes sighed and kissed my forehead and wiggled next to me. I laid my head on his shoulder and waited to see the other girls


They came back and got me next. They pushed me and made me walk to the hell hole of a room. We walk passed a mirror and saw all the dried blood on my arms legs and saw my lip was busted pretty bad. When we got to the door, they pushed me in and locked the door. When I looked up Keaton was right next to me, "what did they do to you?" He sounded like he was going to cry and he was going to yell. "It doesn't matter they just shot me with sharp things. I just have some cuts, I'm not pain but I'm better now that I'm here with you." He smiled and kissed my forehead, then wiggled close to me.


Taylor was the last one to come up and I was scared because the girls kept getting worse and worse every time they came up. I finally heard the door open and they pushed Taylor through the door. My heart sunk when I saw how they pushed her in and she didn't move. "Have a goodnight sweet dreams!" The devils say and turn the light off. "Taylor what did they do to you?" She sighed, "nothing I'm fine, but we need to get out of here fast. " I free my hands and find Taylor . When I get to her she doesn't look at me. "Taylor look at me, what's wrong?" She starts crying, " my stomach hurts that's all. I just hate this hell hole!" I wrap my arm around her but she flinches. "They did more then that didn't they I'm going to kill them!" She whispers, "no we can't yet we need to get out of her and get help!" I nod and I stand up. "Okay guys here's the plan Taylor and I are leaving tonight, we are going to get help. Before anyone can say anything, we all can't leave it's not safe and plus when we get help the need proof this actually happened." Everyone's agreed, I untied Taylor's hand and she winced I was about to ask her what happened but she gave me a look so I stopped myself from talking. We say good bye to everyone and loosen there hands so they can get free if they need to. We got to the door and it was unlocked we quickly sneaked through the dark halls. Taylor grabs my hand and leads me to a window. I stop her when I hear someone snoring, then we opened the window and jumped out. We touched the ground and we hugged each other and then we started running down the street trying to get far away and get try to save the others.

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