HighSchool Life - Ch1 - New Place And Accidents

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Megan's POV

*Arriving at high school cuz who cares about car rides XD*

Once I FINALLY arrived at High School, I parked my car and ran to the front desk.

"Excuse me but can you tell me what classes I take? My name is Megan Harries" I said politely to the lady.

No offense but she looks SLUTTY. She has WAY to much makeup on her face and plastic.. well.. I THINK it's supposed to be boobs.

She looked at me and had a face saying 'what the fuck are you supposed to be'. "Here" She found the papers and tossed them at me like trash. Bitch.

When I was walking to the elevator while looking at the papers, I bumped into someone and fell while dropping my papers. Then I started picking them up one by one.

"I'm so sorry I wasn't looking. Here, let me help you" the guy said.

I looked up and the first thing I saw was his eyes. His light brown eyes glistening through the glass window.

Wait. What am I thinking!? I don't even know his name and I'm already crushing on someone!

I got all that out of my thoughts and started picking up the papers again.

The embarrassing part is when I was going to pick up the last paper, he thought the same thing.

We both tried getting the paper at the same time and instead held hands.. I immediately pulled back and had a little blush. For a second there I thought I saw him smile a little.. Nah. I must be losing my mind.

"Here" he said while giving my papers back.

"Thanks for the help" I said. "And sorry for bothering you" I said turning around, walking to the elevator. When I got inside, I looked which floor my room should be. Then I pressed floor button number two.

As it was about to close, the guy stopped the elevator from shutting and went inside. "Not to bother you either but what's your name?" The guy questioned me.

"Megan Harries also known as Megan's Gap. It's a gaming channel on YouTube" I said smiling. "How bout yours?" I asked. I think I know him though.. He looks familiar.

"Anthony Fiorenti also known as ChilledChaos or CriousGamers also from YouTube" he smiled back.

Oh THATS how I know him! Wow I'm a dunce..

After talking about each other, the elevator stopped and opened the door. "Well this is my stop" I said.

He smiled again. "Me too" he said. Now it's my turn to smile. We both got out and he walked me to what I think is my room. Yep. Floor 2, room 12.

"Look! Mine is room 24!" He said pointing to the door exactly on the front right door. I laughed. Ironic!

"But before you go in your room, can I have your number?" Anthony asked smiling at me.

"Sure! Let me see your phone" I said. He took his phone out of his back pocket and gave it to me.

I dialed my number and gave it back to him. "Thanks" he said. "I'll text you later. See ya neighbor!" He said smiling, waving goodbye while walking to his room.

I turned around and opened the door with the keys I got from the Barbie doll. I wonder who's my roommate.

I prayed it wasn't a slut repeatedly.

I walked inside and saw Taylor!? She had her back to me while fixing her bed. I decided to take that to my advantage..

I slowly and quietly snuck behind her and went close to her ear. I whispered "Boo" but I guess that was a HUGE mistake because she quickly pulled out her pepper spray from her pocked without looking and spared me in the fucking eyes!

"OH GODDAMN THAT BURNS!" I yelled. Taylor finally looked who she sprayed and was shocked feeling so much guilt in her eyes.

I don't care anymore! It's the same thing as me being ape shit crazy and flinging poop in your eyes! Not that I've done that before.. But it will hurt just as much!

All I can think about is my eyes BURNING!

"Oh god Megan I'm so sorry!! We need to get you to the hospital!!" She said panicking.

Then we both heard someone knocking on the door. Taylor opened the door to see who it was but I couldn't make out who it was because my vision got more blurry and burning more every second.

I saw another figure come in the door and kneel to my side. "Is she okay!? What happened!?" The figure said.

Well at least I know it's a guy.. "Can we hurry up and take me to the hospital already!? I can't see at all and my eyes burn!!" I screamed in pain.

The guy picked me up bridal style and ran outside with Taylor talking about how I got hurt.

When they reached what I think is outside, I.. I don't know what happened.. My vision is gone total.. Only shades of light and dark..

"I can't see at all Taylor!!" I started panicking.

*At Hospital*

I heard the engine turn of and my eyes couldn't burn anymore worse than this..

But the last thing I heard where I presumed I was in a hospital room, was a doctor saying I need to be put to sleep.

I felt a sharp needle in my arm and fluid going in.

That's when it all went black.


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