Snowballs and Corny Jokes

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New story! Yay! No? Ok. Anyway I will make some Christmas Percy Jackson one-shots until Christmas is over. Let's start off with some Percabeth.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters and they are all owned by Uncle Rick who let me borrow them (except he doesn't know it) for this fanfic. . .

Percy woke up startled and had a pain at the back of his head. As he breathed in the fragrance of fresh water mixed with the distant smell of cinnamon, he tried to think of where he was. He groaned and noticed that he was lying on smooth, cold tile. He sat there in a quandary for a moment until finally everything clicked into place. He remembered that he was having a nightmare where Coach Hedge, Leo, and Harry Styles were chasing him with cantaloupes, (don't ask) and he must have fallen off his bed. He slowly got up and changed and brushed his teeth. Finally after what seemed like fifty hours of trying to get his hair to stay in place, he stepped outside his cabin only to be met by a surprise. On the ground was a fresh sheet of cotton, the first snowfall of the year. It was the first of December and the snow had come late that year in Manhattan. If seemed as if everything in Camp Half- Blood had transformed and brought a gust of cheerfulness and sprit inside everyone. There were people throwing snowballs at each other and making snowgods which were basically like snowmen but sculptures of the Greek gods instead. Mistletoe, holly, and Christmas lights hung everywhere adding to the jolly mood. Suddenly Percy felt a cold object shatter against the back of his head, but before he had time to react, a warm, fuzzy person jumped on Percy's back.

"Oof." Percy grunted as he fell down into the snow. He already knew who that fuzzy person was before he even turned around. Only one person he knew always smelled like lemons, his girlfriend Annabeth.

"Get up Seaweed Brain, get in the Christmas spirit." Annabeth smiled helping Percy get off the ground.

"Couldn't you have warned me before you tackled me?" Percy said trying to look mad but failing miserably.

"The point of tackling is so the other person doesn't know." Annabeth said rolling her eyes playfully. "Now go wear something warmer, Leo and the other guys are calling a huge snowball fight tournament in 15 minutes." Then Percy noticed that he wasn't wearing anything but a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans with some old tennis shoes. Yeahh, not the most appropriate clothes considering that there was about four inches of snow on the ground.

"OK, but first don't I get a 'Yay it finally snowed' kiss?" Percy asked raising his eyebrows innocently. Annabeth smiled shaking her head in a 'What can I do with this kid' way, and kissed Percy on his right cheek.

"That's all you're getting until we win the tournament." She said as Percy pouted. Realizing that that was the best that he would get Percy started beck toward his cabin to put on his coat.


Percy came back after a whole ten minutes of going through is closet to find his warmest jacket and a pair of mittens. He also found a scarf with fish prints all over it (though he had no idea where it came from) that he put in his pocket just in case he got cold enough to put it on.

Outside Annabeth, Leo, Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank, Reyna, and an awkward looking Nico seemed to be waiting for him.

"Ok so I was thinking that we could have teams of two so there will be more teams." Leo said looking about to see if anyone had an objection. After receiving nothing but some blank stares and excited grins, Leo went on,

"I call being in a team with Jason, if Beauty Queen doesn't mind." Piper looked at Jason and then back at Leo,

"I don't mind and don't call me that or you better watch your face." Leo faked a gasp and pretended to protect his face as Piper rolled her eyes at Leo's foolishness.

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