The sweetest souls who love, cherish, inspire & protect the angel in you are your guardian angels. They are your friends & family. (Josland)

Chapter Three: Patronus

Cool air fills her lungs causing her to gasp awake. Her eyes open but unseeing with her mind trapped in the locker.

She throws her legs out to stretch her limbs before she starts to kick wildly attempting to get out of her locker.

Her hands arch out to the right to bang on the locker door.

Hands grab at her wrist in an attempt to hold her still.

The rough voice of Ms. Jackson pulls her out of her fog, "Stop!  You aren't trapped anymore. You're in Ms. Jackson's room. Safe and sound." Her gravelly voice soothes.

The cold ground burns through her thin clothes. The smell of flowers and earth pierced her lungs with the lingering touch of tobacco. It assures her that she wasn't being lied to. The familiar warmth spreads through her body causing her to stop fighting the locker.

"What's her name?" Emily hears whispered as she starts blink rapidly before jamming her eyes shut.

"Emily." A new voice replies not too far away from her ear. The voice was a man's but Emily couldn't recognize it. "They said her name was Emily Mortician."

"Emily, sweetie, I'm going to touch you is that alright? It's just Ms. Jackson." Ms. Jackson calmly questions. Emily cracks her eyes open to see nobody was touching her. Relief washed through Emily lets out a pent up breath she seemed to be holding in.

She softly shakes her head hoping she wouldn't anger Ms. Jackson by rejecting her touch.

Emily lets out another sigh of relief involuntarily when she sees Ms. Jackson nod her head in understanding.

"Alright,  Alright sweetie I won't touch you just tell me what you need."  Ms. Jackson relented holding up her hands in surrender.

Emily shakes her head again, refusing to let Ms. Jackson worry over her.

"Do you know who did this to you?" The man interrogates angrily.

Emily flinches away from the man and shakes her head swiftly while sitting up. “Gabriel, I know you’re mad but that doesn’t mean you can scare her damnit.” Ms. Jackson hisses at him before helping Emily up gingerly.

The man clenches his hands and stands up to look at Emily. Emily finally manages to get a look at him. His fair skin seemed to enhance his short light brown beard that hid his cheekbones. Bright blue eyes shone from behind his thick black eyelashes. The man frustratedly messed with his shaggy brown hair  to avert his aggression.

“I’m sorry.” Emily coughs out, not meaning to make the man angry. Ms. Jackson shakes her head with a tut. “Honey bun, Mr. Archer is not mad at you. He mad at the ass holes that shoved you in the locker. If I could I would whoop their asses too. You don’t have to protect them...” She some how comforts despite her verbal diarrhea.

Emily still shakes her head in protest. There was no way in hell Emily would utter Jeremy’s name in accusation. He did nothing wrong.

Ms. Jackson sighs in disappointment but smiles softly. “Alright, well grab your things. The school will send you home.” Jackson states, picking up Emily’s backpack from behind her desk.

Emily stops in mid-step before she starts trembling. Ms. Jackson was worried she would give herself whiplash at how hard Emily started shaking her head in protest.

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