Chapter 2

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((so I am starting another story beware!! lol go check it out.))

After I walked about two and a half miles I realized that I had no clue where the fudge I was going. I was lost, hungry and cold seeing it was snowing. I sat down on a bench in a nearby park, hopefully I could catch a taxi or something. My mother always told me that it's best to carry loose change in case of an emergency. Although se told me this I never did so sadly if I did catch a cab, I wouldn't be able to pay them and so it would come back as a bill and interest and more dung. Then the man from the office came up to me and held out a hotdog to me, it was warm, really warm because I could feel the heat radiating off of the meat that laay perfectly in that bun. "Dakota, are you cold..?" I nodded slowly. He took his wool coat off, hung it over my shoulders, and handed me the hotdog to me. I took it willingly, thanked him and ate it slowly, savoring it.

He watched me fore a few minutes before leaning on my and gently wrapping us both in his coat, I guess he was starting to get cold now. I apologized and we both stood and approached a black car. We both climbed in and he started explaining. "Dakota your mother's name is Alicentra Motoka. She is the Queen of the planet known as Opal, and you are the princess. I hope you realize who I am, because I am your prince. Sent here to save and retrieve you to become an Opalian again. Your mother said it would be best to take you home now, before you fell in love, or created a life you couldn't let go. A letter will be sent to your mother here, and she'll understand completely because along with that letter will be her real baby. Now, Dakota.. please understand that if you leave with me, you will never return to this planet unless granted permission by your mother, the queen." He glanced a sincere look at me and sighed, noticing I wasn't paying attention. I mean I heard everything he said to me, but come on, I've lived with my mother for 14 years, started a life and had some great experiences and everything was being taken away. I had already known without him telling me that I had no choice wether I wanted to stay or not. ''Dakota I know it's hard to agree to but you have to bare with it, think of the mother that has yearned to see her long lost daughter..?" I gave it some thought, decided, and explained my conditions of this move and the only way I was going was if he followed these conditions.

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