Rosie's POV:

" Well looky what we have going on here!" I point to Reagan and Harry. They look so cute together you can both tell they are on cloud nine right now.

Reagan's eyes look like they are about to pop out of their sockets. Clearly her sign of showing me to shut my mouth before she kills me.

" Aw so precious!" Louis says in a cheesy tone.

Everyone starts laughing at the expressions of their faces. Payback is a bitch.

" Shut up guys" Harry says as he looks over to Reagan who is still giving me the look.

" Sha'll we go to dinner again or maybe order up some pizza and chill out at my place?" Liam suggests.

Actually that doesn't sound like such a bad idea, everyone agree's and walks over to The Eye.

" guys I'm a bit scared.." I admit. " that thing is literally giving me a heart attack." I look up. Everyone laughs at me but I'm dead ass serious.

" You'll be fine! I promise" Louis leans over to me and grabs my hand. My stomach swirls. I still get nervous when I'm around Lou and I hope that never changes.

We head up in line to get into The Eye and pay for our tickets. I step into the round bubble room.. It's a lot bigger and more open than what I expected. I refuse to stand on the edge until Louis pushes me to the window. My eyes are slammed shut immediately but I'm still comforted by Louis arms wrapped around my stomach. I feel us going up and my stomach begins to drop. Why the hell did I agree to this?

" Open your eyes" he whispers in my ear..

I slowly open them and look out. We are exactly at the top of The Eye and it's just beautiful. Overlooking the water and the city is incredible. A little gasp falls out from my mouth and I feel Lou let out a low chuckle " Quite lovely isn't it?" He says.

" I could stay here forever honestly.." I say. I mean it. I love this look the city life. It's what I want when I'm done with school. Some people hate the feeling of living in the city but the rush it sends to me gives me chills.

"One day." I say to Lou

" I know babe, one day." He says and kisses my cheek.


" Hey lovebirds.. As much as I would love to stand here all day I'm starving.. Are you going to join us or drift off into the sunset together?" Niall jokes

" Oh! " I didn't even realize he was talking about us until I realized we are already back down on the ground. I nod my head and grab Lou's arm and walk close to him. I look up to Lou and noticed the smile on his face..He seems happier now that I'm trying to not let things bug me as much.


Liam's place is cozy and warm, very welcoming. Everyone's sitting in the living room talking while Liam is ordering pizza on the phone. I decided to go into the kitchen and start getting the plates and cups down to set the table.

" Want some help?" I hear Zayn come up and ask me.

" Sure, can you grab the cups?" I say. He nods his heads and grabs all the paper cups to set on each table placement.

"Fancy for just pizza." He jokes.

" Is it too much?" I nervously ask

"Haha, no I'm kidding.. These paper cups and plates are just over the top" he smiles.

He's such a jerk sometimes. Not really but he knows that I over think everything so clearly he finds enjoyment out of it.

I let a sigh out and head back to the kitchen and he oddly follows me back. I sit down on the kitchen island chair and he does as well. "So is everything good now between you two?" He asks.

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