Being Watched at The Carnival

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"Rock..Paper..Scissors..SHOOT!" Both Mackenzie and I chant in unison. We were doing anything to keep us occupied on the stupid car ride to the carnival. We were sitting all the way in the back row of seats in Uncle John's Rolls Royce limousine. The two younger children were sitting in front of us, talking about one of their favorite television programs.

"There's gotta' be something better we could do.." Mack stated with a sigh. I rolled my eyes at our game and sat back in my seat. My best friend lifted her bag from the floor and pulled her camera from it. I covered my face with my arms and laughed.

"You're not getting me again, Kenzie!" She giggled and pushed my arms down.

"JUST ONE?! PLEEEEEEEASE?!" She pouted and I sighed, letting my arms fall to my sides with a 'Thump'.

"Fine." I made a funny face as she snapped away. Mackenzie wants to be a photographer when she grows up, so she basically takes the thing everywhere. And since I'm always with her, I'm usually her victim. But I hate getting my picture taken.

"See, now Mummy's hairdressing won't go to waste!" She winked and I narrowed my eyes at her. Then she took another quick photograph and laughed.

"Oooh! Angry Danny. This one's going to the 'Keep' pile."

"Don't ye' dare!" I shouted, chuckling and wrestled her suddenly for the picture. Mackenzie laughed loudly and held her precious camera over her head.

"Children.." My mum spoke harshly but we ignored her. I grabbed the camera from Kenzies hands and held it in a tight grasp. I heard a small gasp come from her lips, and I smirked cheekily.

"We can trade, and you'll get yer' baby back." I stated playfully and she threw the photographs in. My direction, snatching the camera back. Laughing, I stuffed them in my pocket. Mackenzie huffed and we both sat back in our seats. I watched out the window while listening to the adults talk about boring stuff.

Sooner or later, we arrived at the carnival and we all unloaded from the large car. Just as I grabbed Kenzies hand and we were about to run off to the carnival, mum grabbed my jacket, pulling me back. I cursed under my breath, causing her to glare at me.

"Here is $5.00 for both of you, now we're all going to meet back at the car at 4:00, so be here!" I groaned and heard Mack groan while Aunt Syd basically explained the same thing to her. Then she ran over to me and we hurried to the carnival.

"So, what should we do first?" The dirty blonde girl asked and I shrugged. She was holding onto the back of my sweater so we wouldn't loose each other.

"I feel like a dog with you draggin' me like that, Kenz." She laughed and I frowned to myself.

"'s like one of those baby leashes my mum used ta' have for Jamie when he would wander off anytime we went out.." She laughed harder and I stopped walking, facing the girl who has been my best friend for about ten years now with my arms crossed.

"I'm not a baby! I'm only a year younger!" She nodded, holding in giggles and we continued on towards a small stand. I read the big sign that said; 'Ice cream-Cotton Candy-Funnel Cakes-And Lemonade!' I stopped in my tracks, walking up to the window to buy ice cream.

"Buy me one!" Kenzie laughed and I shook my head at her while chuckling.

"Ye' had three cotton candies already! You're gunna' start bouncin' off the walls if I give ye' any more sugar!" I glanced back at her. Once again, Mackenzies hand was clutching my sweater and her bottom lip was judded out.

"Finnne!" Giving in, I order a larger ice cream so we could share. The both of us took a seat under a designated tent for eating. Kenzie sat across from me at the picnic table and dug into our ice cream.

I looked over at the lady I had been seeing the whole time we were here. It Seemed like she was everywhere we were.

"Hey, Mackie?" Mackenzie looked up from the icecream we were sharing and nodded.

"What's wrong, Dan?" I looked back at the woman, and then at my bestferind.

"She looks...So familiar." Mackenzie's face broke into agreement and she bobbed her head up and down.

"I know! I've been thinking the same thing!" When we were done with our Ice cream, we stood to go do something else, and yet again the lady followed us.


I followed behind John and George with Sydney walking next to me. Jamie rode on John's shoulders while George clutched Lucy's tiny hand in his own. I smiled at them as the two men laughed at the convention they were holding. I watched Sydney glance over her shoulder again and finally decided to question her.

"Why do ya' keep doing that, Syd?" She looked over at me confused and then sighed.

"I have that feeling again.." Her voice was low and I nodded slowly. "..That we're being watched." Placing my hand on her shoulder, I smiled towards my best friend.

"We'll be fine, Syd! That feeling will go away. I promise." Sydney must have listened, because we both continued on in silence.

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