Chapter 20

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--Chapter 20--


I sighed, eating my food quietly. We were in a restaurant eating by ourselves. Wanting a break.

Isaac was still pissed about the cuts and bruises on me and Noah. But he was pretty proud that he killed them all in cold blood.

After we were finish, we went home and every one was gone to their houses even my brother had his own place already. He said before he left he took all of their money. So he bought his own apartment.

When I put Noah to bed for a nap and sat on the couch Isaac came in sitting next to me quickly. He turned off the tv so I can pay more attention to him at the moment.

"Lex, We need to talk.." He snapped looking at me. I nodded looking at him waiting for him to continue.

"I heard about...You and Aiden when you supposedly went to a friend's house" I froze looking away.

"Really? I come back into your life and you go off sleeping with Aiden then pretend it didn't happen." He raised his voice a bit and I shook my head.

"It wasn't like that-" He cut me off fast, "Then what was it?!" He stared at me.

I sighed, "He cared for me more at the moment.." I mumbled.

"Wow, did it ever pop in your head that you could've got pregnant again! but by...him?!" He started shouting now.

"Uh...Yeah" I said a bit low but he could still hear me.

"Did Noah or me pop in your head while you two were getting it?! Probably not, huh?" He was getting more pissed at the moment wanting to rip Aiden apart.

I rolled my eyes not wanting to argue, I hated when Isaac would pop up and start arguments, it annoyed me. and I hated getting yelled in the face by a guy that can snap and can 'accidentally' rip your throat open.

"Whatever, you're such a pain!" He ran his head through his hair.

"And you're not?! You caused me pain for how long? almost 5 years! and you still haven't made it up to me, what dad/boyfriend you are" I snapped, standing up.


"Yeah sure" I said annoyed walking away but he pulled me back.

"I'm not done." He said coldly, "But I am" I snatched my arm away.

My head looking at the stairs hearing little sobs, I looked at Noah who was crying into his teddy bear.

Isaac tried to walk towards him but Noah backed away not wanting him. Instead he ran to me, I picked him up looking at Isaac. His face expression was plain. But his eyes read sadness.

I grabbed his small shoes, and my purse along with the car keys. I hurried walking out to the car, wanting to get away from all this madness...


I don't know how but I ended up on Derek's doorstep. I sat in the living room with Derek while Noah played with Jeremy, Derek's son who was a year younger than Noah.

"So what happened?" He asked taking a sip of his beer. I sighed.

"I....I think I'm pregnant." I said, his eyes widen tilting his head a bit.

"But you and Isaac haven't-" I cut him off.

"It's Aiden's..."  I sat there and he thought for a long time.

then he finally spoke up. "Oh you're in trouble.." He muttered.


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