Chapter 37

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When we got home, Sam got out with us and whispered in my ear, "Aidan, wanted me to tell you, that he wants to talk to you, but  unfortunately he ran off and I have no idea where he has gone. "

Butterflies filled my stomach as I pushed Sam into his house so that we could take care of him. Nate fell asleep in the car so as soon as I got Sam inside, I picked up Nate and carried him to Sam's couch and set him down. Then I walked outside, to assure Nathan we were okay. When I got out there Nathan rolled down his passenger side window and whispered to me, " Do you need help, Mia?"

I shoved my head through his window and whispered, "I think I got it."

He shoved my head back through the window and opened the door, "You sure?"

I hopped in his car and closed the door. "Positive."

"You know a sleepy child and a broken boyfriend, can cause stress on one little girl."

"I'm not little. Why,  do you just want hang out with Sam?"

"Well that and this.."He grabbed my chin and pulled me closer and closer as if there was no space between us, but there was like a centimeter.

"Let me." I grabbed his collar and threw him against his door, "You said it yourself, Sam is my boyfriend."

"I-I-I didn't mean that I meant something totally different."Nathan stuttered.

"Whatever Nathan." as I got out of his car, he called back to me, "Mia, Listen it's not like that, it's just that, I-I-I-I-I---------"

I cut him off, "Bye Nathan." and stepped inside locking the door behind me, running my fingers through my hair, man why are boys so stupid? They say one thing and mean another! Ugh! I must of said that last part out loud because of  what Sam said next, "Mia, are you alright?"

I set my arm down at my side, "You heard that didn't you?"

"Yeah." He said in a serious tone.

I grabbed my hair and turned around, "UGH!!!!" I growled.

I felt a chair bump me. It was Sam.  "Mia, Listen did Nathan do or say something that made you feel uncomfortable?"

I nodded. How did he know?

He reached for my hand with his good one holding me close, he replied, "Nathan is like that. When I saw you  get in his car, I knew something was up."

He was watching me? Stalker. Wait, He's my boyfriend! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, He is so sweet. He cares for me. I smiled and then he grabbed his crutch and limped on his good leg toward me, whispered in my face as our noses touched, "Mia, did he try to do this?" Then he leaned into me and our lips touched and my leg popped up behind me.

It was truly magical, he was willing to do that for me. I swung my arms round his shoulders as he held on to his crutch wishing he could walk again. 

We stood there in front of his front door kissing. I wanted to go check on Nate, but didn't. Sam was sweet because he just admitted that he was watching out for me, so I stayed right there holding on to Sam with my leg in the air. All of a sudden I heard a thud and Sam dropped his crutch and with his good arm wrapped it around my waist.


That was the longest kiss we ever had. The longest time we ever felt like we really loved each other. For a moment, it felt like we were perfect for each other and not going to leave each other ever alone again. We are here for each other through think and thin and that right then just stood for our whole relationship. With my leg that was in the air I reached for his wheelchair behind him, so when we broke he wouldn't fall.  Apparently I pulled the chair, a little too close because we ended a little earlier then expected because the chair in the back of his knees forcing him to sit down. I released and grabbed his crutch off the ground handing it to him. He whispered, "Thanks." to me not looking up as if  our kiss meant nothing.

"I would say it's time for bed."as I stood up, I replied. He stood up holding on to his crutch shaking, "Need some help?" knowing that I already knew the answer.  He wrapped his broken arm around my neck and I wrapped my arm around his waist helping him walk upstairs. "Nice and easy, " I said as I helped him up the steps. When we got to the top Sam groaned, "First door to the left.". "Alright, " I said as  we headed toward his room.

As soon as we got inside, I sat him down on the bed and He whispered back, as our noses almost touched again, "Thanks." I stood up straight letting go as he grabbed my hand and pulling me closer with his good hand. "What?" I whispered turning around. "Sit with me," He simply stated in a hush tone. "What for?" I asked. He had this sad look on his face as he looked into my eyes. I could tell something was wrong, I wanted to run but we were doing so well before, what could possibly be wrong now? I sat down beside him his hand on top of mine as I exhaled loudly. I ran my other hand through my hair.  He began, "Look Mia, why do you think I am in this awkward position with both my arm and leg broken and in casts?"

"I don't know, you slipped on your skateboard trying to get into your house."

Sam exhaled loudly, "That's partly it, Look Mia, if I told you the full story in the hospital you would of ran out and I would have never found you again and we wouldn't have that well you know in front of my house, and well it's complicated."

"What's complicated?" I looked at him.

He puffed out extremely loud and replied, "I was on my way to get you, some flowers that I picked for you from Aidan's garden, and then  well I was just about to grabbed them from my step mother's  vase that I put them in. Then as soon as I stepped outside my car, and slipped onto my skateboard, I felt like I would never get a chance to, but I still wonder who called 911 for me."

"Aww Sam, that's so sweet. "

He smiled.

"Wait, did you just say you had no idea who called 911?"

His smile disappeared and turned into a frown, "Yeah they helped me up and in the ambulance to the hospital, but I don't know who called 911."

"Oh," I said, "so it's a mystery."

He nodded then it turned black.

I stood up and Good night as I reached for his lights.

He whispered, "Will you help me?"

I replied with my back toward him, "I don't know Sam...I mean it's well I don't know...."

"Please?" I heard him beg. 

I bowed my head, "Fine." I grumbled.

Then I shut off the lights and headed down stairs to Nate and threw a blanket I found in Sam's room, on him, and found the lazy boy chair next to him to sleep in. "Good Night, Nate. " I whispered before shutting my eyes.

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