Thankfully, I walk into the classroom right on time. As I walked to my seat, I feel everyone's eyes glued to me. I remember my appearance and start feeling insecure. I knew I should of dressed decent today. Everyday, I always dress to my best and rarely have bummy days; I guess everyone was just surprised.

"Someone got lucky." My best friend Jasmine whispered to me.

I lift my middle finger towards her so only she can see. If only she knew how horrible my day is going so far. She would really think I'm not lucky after all. She gasps at my reaction and sticks her tongue out at me. I love our friendship! We can just do these simple acts and we don't get hurt by it like others might. That's why I cherished our friendship.

After class, I tell Jasmine about my morning so far and of course she uses sarcasm.

"Well aren't you the luckiest girl in the world? You get to meet your best friends One Direction."

I roll my eyes and then start hysterically laughing.

"What's so funny?" She asked curiously.

"I was just thinking if I was friends with One Direction, that would be really crazy. Mainly annoying, but crazy."

She joins in with my laughing until we both accidentally ran into someone. I instantly knew it was Derek because of his strong cologne that he always wears but I grew to love.

"Hey Lyssa!" He says once he notices it's me.

"Hi!" I say while I wrap my arms around his neck burying my head in his neck to inhale more of his cologne. I almost forgot that Jasmine was there.

"Kiss already!" Jasmine states childishly.

Even though Derek and I went on a couple dates, he has barely made the move to kiss me. I don't know if he is nervous but I honestly don't care. His presence is good enough to put butterflies in my stomach.

After that statement everything turned awkward.

"Maybe I should leave you two lovebirds alone." Jasmine leaves winking.

I give her a glare and signal for her to text me later. She then nods and leaves with just Derek and I there.

"Well that was awkward." We say in unison and then start giggling.

He takes his hand in mine and we begin to walk back to my dorm. Liz never cares that he comes; she's mainly out anyways doing who knows what.

"Let's hang out tonight, maybe see a movie?" He says eagerly.

"Probably not tonight." Remembering I still have work and I have to go deal with the 'wonderful' One Direction.

"Oh no! Is it cause I didn't kiss you? I'm sorry. I just didn't want to in front of- "

I cut him off, "Calm down, I just have work." I say with a smirk on my face.

"Oh, well this turned awkward." He says with a red tint to his cheeks.

I can't help but ask, "Since you brought it up, why haven't you kissed me yet?" We have been dating for a while now and I just wanted to know.

He leans in and kisses me. His lips are so soft and his kiss is so passionate. As he releases he says, "I just wanted it to be special I guess."

I can't help the smile that grows on my face. After that amazing kiss, we head back to my dorm.

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